Monday, July 23, 2012

it's now decided!

recently ive booked my flights for this coming trip. Super excited i'm gonna fulfil one of my childhood dreams this time c: but actually i was gunning for BSN Night Run on the October 20th. shit, it was a decision between those two. i hope i made a good one this time. til then guys.

Kinabalu's Peak


some Night Marathon shit i've been practising for..

oh god.




shit, haven't been writing and drawing and sketching for this poor site. how sinful i feel right now. where are the times i've got to assemble the ideas, to write a piece of daily's life here without fail? i miss those days. gone crazy, did stupid things, get wasted, and in the end we laugh all night long. Me, making notes as proof  and evidence the memory is still attached, if it's not in my mind, it's here. thank you old blog. i'll cherish you more when i had time during this ramadhan, insyaallah.