Friday, January 29, 2010

kite selalu menunggu mase.tapi mase tak penah menunggu kite.kann?

Friday, January 22, 2010

u're mine mine mine

already found one definitely gonna buy one :)


please gaji please masuk cepat :p

Thursday, January 21, 2010


suke? :)
Sir Alex,best tak dok queen's park? hahahaha.

p/s: online junkie, loyal readers, commentors, bloggers, facebookers, strangers and not to forget, anonymous. u have facebook, myspace and maybe ur blog but u really need is REAL life out there once a while.right? til then.bye.


fav number :)
the total of my fb friends has already reached that figure.hehee.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

cutiku habis lagi.

kenape cuti sem aku abes cepat. sem baru dah start, ape boleh buat? eh,rhyme kann. haha. ok lah sangat penat. should charge my battery now..zZ Ouh yea went to queen's park for the last time yesterday helping moving out all the stuffs. bye2 qpark. we'll be missing that hanging spot. for now, at least..zZ

p/s: bile result final nak kua? stop.since when lah dah pandai thinking abt it.duhh.
p/ss: hello kwn2 fighters ku rindu lah kamu semue.jgn nangis okay.nnt kite masuk air lagi.HAHA.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

silly silly trauma.

yeay flu sudah baik dan hidung tidak runny seperti dahulukala :) tapi sekarang craving twister orange pulak. cis, since when aku ketagih minum air oren pulak ni. zaman kecik dan mude dulu anti-air oren sebab mase umur around 4, 5 tahun try buat air oren gune Sunkist tapi masam like HELL so semenjak tu trauma sampai lately dah 20 something sudah tau buat air oren kene lah letak gule until manis. memanglah pathetic tapi i called it resurgence. hehe.(try lah google if you guys tak familiar with that term). maka, afterall, i just want to point out, experience is a great teacher :)

inilah die! a bit pricey tapi bbaloi-baloi.kan?

gatorade orange pon sedap okay people.
(tade dlm gambar :c)

well well well

hari sabtu hari tu baru saje selesai crit session.thanks group members & lecturers. i know we're still new and not that good but our projects is still best of the best. nice try nice cover-up nice speech fellow group members. tapi clothing kite mmg tak boleh dinafikan lah we sucks sebab pakai jeans je pegi crit kann. but who cares, we'll improve sem by sem okay :) HAHA.

To my lecturer, about the archi club thingy, thank you but no, thanks. I am proud, honoured and felt appreciated of all my hard work being recognised but i am no good to become the president of the new archi club. my hunch kept saying there's someone better such as the likes of Irwan, Izzat Khan, Bibilal or Amir Syazwan who deserve it. Not now okay, sir. From the way you address me that day and my point of view maybe lah i did well in the past sem but i still thinks i'm not as good as that. Thank you.

(sebenarnye malas dan byk kerje lain to be done.hehehe)

okay lah people, im doing a logo for the club. it's the least i can do. haha. nite everyone :)

p/s:nantilah baru nk update logo tersebut(harap2 not bad) haha.
p/ss:will work at queen's park for the very final day of her closure tomorrow :'c

Friday, January 15, 2010


location : my humble room

hello readers.watched 500 days of summer just now.maqnifique :) Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an i wanna watch it long time ago but busy with working during this very short holiday, so it seems really hard to be done.hehe. The movie is not a love story people.spoiler:it's about fate which surrounds you guys get that? hmm.nevermind :p

ouh little workplace,starbucks queen's park going to close in about 2 days from now T_T . i want Maluri but it's decided, i've been transferred to Leisure Mall.hello old place!(i've worked there for a while 2 years ago).

Good bye memories -__-"

hello new place ;)

okay i should stop now.i have a critique session tomorrow in the morning.haven't iron my suit yet! s***.hurmm.tommorrow lah.wish me luck guys.til then.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Final Project Jan 2010

Ini hasil titik peluh 2 bulan bersengkang mate,bergadai mase tidur dan wang ringgit menyetelkan villa ini. Numerous thanks to group members Amir Syazwan,Arfan Muhaidin,Amy Badrey and Izad Khisamuddin for their never-ending energy and cooperation. chop chop enough craps,lets enjoy the pictures.


thanks for your time and contribution guys.

Play by FoxSaver®

Monday, January 4, 2010

exam oh exam ♪ ♫

4,7,9 & 10 January aku final exam.(and yes,awal tahun lagi dah start :c) sile doa yang terbaik.thanks people.i♥u