Friday, January 15, 2010


location : my humble room

hello readers.watched 500 days of summer just now.maqnifique :) Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an i wanna watch it long time ago but busy with working during this very short holiday, so it seems really hard to be done.hehe. The movie is not a love story people.spoiler:it's about fate which surrounds you guys get that? hmm.nevermind :p

ouh little workplace,starbucks queen's park going to close in about 2 days from now T_T . i want Maluri but it's decided, i've been transferred to Leisure Mall.hello old place!(i've worked there for a while 2 years ago).

Good bye memories -__-"

hello new place ;)

okay i should stop now.i have a critique session tomorrow in the morning.haven't iron my suit yet! s***.hurmm.tommorrow lah.wish me luck guys.til then.

2 kumens!:

Muhammad Farihiin said...

zooey deschanel! hahaha

amatt mexes amir said...

ha ah doe! tp takpe lah im not so into her nmore.da jupe org len.hahaha.