Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday update Part 1.

during my 1st week of holidays there's so many things to share with all of you.thanks for following this blog :)

i. i went to perak with apai and awien and 4yrs old aiman :)
ii. i got dumped and become single in an instance.hihih.*being single is hell lotsa fun aite matt?*
iii. met hisham and cheesan,my former schoolmates.
iv. a movie and karaoke session wit 'em.*p/s: do i need to mention this?*
iii. someone stole my loyal wonder no pictures in this post kan kan? *nvm, i'll buy a new 1*
iv. i survived a 10-men-putsal in 2hours.sigh.*super tiring!*.faiz besa,hanift, kevin and zhaf,where r u guys?
v. oh boy,we went for a job hunt all over kl.*geez, did i mentioned a job hunt?! haha*

more to come,anddd..last but not least,Happy Awal Muharram,Merry Christmas,happy holiday and Happy New Year 2009 guys :) yeah,that's 4 in 1.hahaa.

p/s: pictures will come up later as soon as i grab them from apai and farris.*cheers*

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday December Babies =)

to my fellow mates and family,to be precise,december babies =)

2/12 - Khairuddin Mat Nor-mat dinkt(Fighters0105)
6/12 - Affifi Affiq Khalid-fifi(Fighters0105)
7/12 - ME,MY TWIN Nur Hanis Adibah and Nik Nadzran-Donkt(Fighters0105)
8/12 - Muaz Mazlan-muaz(SKTM1 m8)
10/12 -Musaddiq n Rafael(both Fighters0105) and Tharik Kulla Khan (Sbux m8)
11/12 - Qistina-qis(LKW m8)
12/12 - Jai(MMU m8) n Zubaydah(Sbux m8)
14/12 - Afiza Hanum-anum
15/12 - Arif Asyraf-acap(SKTM1 m8)
17/12 - Amira Halim-mira
18/12 - Yasmin Kamel-min
25/12 - Abdul Haqq-haqq(Fighters0105) and Adilla Azman-dilla(cuzzy)
26/12 - Shazwan Salleh-Shat(Housem8)
28/12 - Ahmad Naufal-opal(Fighters0105)

p/s: cherish this month babes,it's fully ours!
p/s: but sadly,my finals is getting nearer ='c

kelantan getaway, eid adha 1429Hijr.

fuhh,wut a long journey it was.As usual my family and i cruised through the sloppy and steepy road all the way to Kota Bharu for this year's Aidiladha celebration.It was pretty much the same but this time,it was followed by the death of my dearest auntie.She passed away as an accident victim late this evening( around 1800+ Malaysian hours) leaving the one and only child which is an 8 years old daughter.We all just met her for a period of 2days since saturday,fyi,my family and I are on the way back to Kuala Lumpur when that incident took part.Al-Fatihah.Ya Allah.Semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yang Soleh.Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.END.

Monday, December 1, 2008

wedding part 2

"high dress.."

29/11 - this time,it was held at Dewan Ahmad Jantan at Kampung Pandan, it was grand enough for us to organize it. quite a big crowd over there and everyone was in happy mood and cherishing every moment that day.

p/s : i'm still waiting for the official wedding photos from the photographer's D60 =p