Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday update Part 1.

during my 1st week of holidays there's so many things to share with all of you.thanks for following this blog :)

i. i went to perak with apai and awien and 4yrs old aiman :)
ii. i got dumped and become single in an instance.hihih.*being single is hell lotsa fun aite matt?*
iii. met hisham and cheesan,my former schoolmates.
iv. a movie and karaoke session wit 'em.*p/s: do i need to mention this?*
iii. someone stole my loyal wonder no pictures in this post kan kan? *nvm, i'll buy a new 1*
iv. i survived a 10-men-putsal in 2hours.sigh.*super tiring!*.faiz besa,hanift, kevin and zhaf,where r u guys?
v. oh boy,we went for a job hunt all over kl.*geez, did i mentioned a job hunt?! haha*

more to come,anddd..last but not least,Happy Awal Muharram,Merry Christmas,happy holiday and Happy New Year 2009 guys :) yeah,that's 4 in 1.hahaa.

p/s: pictures will come up later as soon as i grab them from apai and farris.*cheers*

7 kumens!:

duchess11 is DiBaH said...

cmne la bleh hilang n73 ko tuh..??
skarg gune hp pe..

jahat la org zaman skrg nih..
ko pon xhabes2,asik hilang brg je..
aku cm nk blasah org yg suke curik mncurik nio pon ade gak..
sabo je laaa~

awen said...

adek ko dah marah, haha

-> dibah - enset amat ilang bkan salah die.salah org tuh cilok enset amat, die dah simpan leklok dah..hahaah

-> amat - mane kite g karok ngan isham,kite g ngan mamat ngan apai la..lupe ke ape.

ahmad nazirul amir said...

aku saje letak la gle.takkan la aku luperrr~

Enche' Eyezoodean said...

hahaha.. henset tu ramai org minat kot.
danny pun hilang satu kan?
happy new year amadd...

nadia-ady said...

single is heaven la :D

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