Thursday, September 25, 2008


guys~ i do really want to update,seriously. but yet tak bwatt2,i have some few assignments to be done laaa u noe, hmmm,po0r amadd =c well,i'll update some new stories(i have bout 4 or 5 stories taw!) rite aft i finished my work okay? =) buhbye 4 now.

p/s: sgt miss blogging ='c

Friday, September 19, 2008

swollen eyes! omg~

i did some few drawings n all in a sudden my eyes getting itchy,super itchy,sweet f*ck! it doesnt evn have a lens innit pon nk saket =c n now i'm blogging with my swollen eye,da la seblah je plak tuh,haihh.til then, i'll upd8 bout it l8r,,

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

dodgeball game =) ape tuh?

last 2weeks ago taw bende nih,kui3,br nk upd8 =p

kesah aku nk upd8 slaluuu = haha~

dat day,if i'm not mistaken,rabu mlm kott =p haihh =p chim aji ezad lionel mukhriz n aku(aku nih ganti matto,haha =p) joined a dodgeball tournament,bajet hebat laaa we'd say. (tp mmg hebat ponn *winkk*) no star,no pads, just balls.oyeah ktorg ngn slumber tenang finished top tym grouping n advanced to the 1st knockout round n then, yes,the quarterfinals with help of 'superman' chim n ezad n 3 lg player laen xtmasok aku(sbb xhebat =c) haha =p during our 3rd round quarterfinal game against a macha team,perghh,thanx GILERRR korg tkua awl2 tinggalkan aku sengsorg sole survivor lam court tuhh.last2 kantoi lak kne bola kt kaki gua tym last2 min,cibaianjing tol,hmm=c (cam bola deadball sbb klh tuh,tp let go sudeyhh,debut team nih,sampai quarter da leh kembang idong bwk jln2 tyg2 kt campus dah,kann2?)

p/s : no piccas as i din received any from sayed yett =p
and i had a really fun time guys,arigato n kudos =D

n yeah, i already got the pics,njoy =)

team rumah cemerlang.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

happy fasting month rakan2!

to smokers out there,


p/s :tribute to