Friday, October 31, 2008

collision of 4!

12/10 - venue : cyberia's roundabout. It's almost 630pm on my watch and as i ride a bike to send farres to ERL, i met an accident of 4 cars, i do not know how they collide but as far as i observe around there, there's a hyundai i10 badly damaged, a wrecked wira, an ugly myvi and a proton (i can't recall much). all of the airbags tkua and can be seen inside of the hyundai. o yea, the driver is a lady! (haha) i reckon the hyundai driver tried to overtook a car b4 taking a corner at high speed at the junction and eventually skidded and damaging sum cars parked by the side of the road.hell there's a lot of passerby having a closer look of what had happened. for me,it's my 1st time i saw there's a lot of cyberjaya's resident gathering here.haha.

p/s : kepade motorists yg laen, bhati2 ketike memandu okay!

Monday, October 27, 2008

is this wut we called the term Living Under the Poverty Line?

19/10 - i had a brisk walk dat nite,my fren, tim invited me to accompany him grab his dinner,i just nodded and waited fer him and all in a sudden i saw a group of men ransacking a big and gigantic canvas container(it looks like a huge plastic beg though) and arranged and kept dividing aluminium cans and plastic mineral bottle.i do hope these people don't do these for a living.i mean,i knew sum of 'em dun have any other proper job but well,it is a huge and filthy task lah to collect all the tins and bottles and then sending them to recycle center is just tiring.

serabai doh

a perfect PES 2009

19/10 - i played PES 2009 in Top Player mode for the first time.much more tougher and losing balls happened to be so frequent than b4 but yet so amazing and much more similar to football in reality.gewd start aite guys,hammered Rovers 3-nil. m gewd to go =)

back in business

18/10 - i rcvd a basic notebook from ma dad,he got 4 free,since i've lost 2 gaming latops in 2 years but this,it's kinda new and not really a high-end gaming notebook,but well that's owkay for 1,2years.thanks dad.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

a pic a day.

14/10 - brought back this big ciggy box from Roswell,tiring,very, if u carry it on your lap, enduring from a full force of air resistance on a bike,just to bring it back home, as wut i did (^^',)

p/s : Roswell is a name of a famous and reliable convenience shop at cyberjaya.

p/s : (i converted this box into a storage box,pretty useful)

a pic a day.

12/10- LCCT's information board broke down.i captured this while waiting for my twin sis.her flight to0k off few mins later.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

uncivilised? nottttt.but almost =c

22/10 - d26B was hit by electricity disruption.ayat xley blah, nk style jgk, walhal bil letrik tak byr da 2bulan. oh yes our 4Mb internet connection also has been cut short,haihh,ade je org dengki.late dat evening, farris n me had to pay all the outstanding bills n po0fff.. all back to normal aft almost 8hours bgelap,haha.(smp ke mlm weh) except our internet connection takk sambong2 lg, cess, da rr da byr full.aduii =c

p/s : tpakse blogging kt uma kl ='p

p/s : hoy yaa hoy TM, ble nk sambong tenet nih,wachaa kang.
p/s : to lisa n daniel,sowie laa korg,uma ktorg tadak tenet til now,hahaa.

this time,it's 4-0.

Malaysia won again this time,and qualified for final after storming Myanmar 4-0,goals by Indra Putra(2 goals),Amirul Hadi and Safiee Sali.

samad meninggal

KUALA LUMPUR: Pemain gitar kumpulan rock terkenal Lefthanded,Abdul Samad Mian atau Samad Lefthanded, 45, meninggal dunia selepas terjatuh di pejabatnya di Ampang, di sini, tengah hari semalam.more stories.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

malaysia won 6-0!

Malaysia hammered lowly Afghanistan 6-0 in the last group stage match of the 40th Merdeka Cup Football Tournament at Bukit Jalil National Stadium in Kuala Lumpur.more stories

congrats malaysian team,u're gewd to go for the semis =)

Monday, October 20, 2008

all in a sudden

11/10 - 4 of us,danny,matt,awien n me stayed awake til morning,it's 6am roughly and we decided to grab our breakfast at hassan bistro dat morning.we like usual, aft we had done stuffing all the foods a simple chit chat will take the longest time.from stuffs from our school years to gossiping girls will always be the hot topic for our post-breakfast chat.and all in a sudden we heard an ambulance came nearby and picked up an unconscious guy. i managed to shot a pic b4 all settled happened in such a hurry.from a passerby whom attended the scene(in front of hassan's bistro),he said an arab guy had collapsed near semak thr and most probably because of an overdose of drugs.but funnily,the victim's friends kept telling the cops who attended the unconscious lad his fren collapsed of an accident.i sniffed something suspicious come laa an accident but no blo0d and no wound seen thr.stupid bunch of frens.haihh.nak tipuu pon x bragak rr,haduhh =p

Sunday, October 19, 2008

lil bitch giving birth!

10/10 - lads,u noe wut? our housecat, 'lil bitch', had successfully giving birth to 3 kittens.well done matey =)

hours b4 giving birth.u noe sumthg takk? her upper body part including her head n mouth shaking horribly minutes b4 she gave birth to her kittens.menakotkannn =p

923pm - the first newborn kitten,witnessed by mo.

1157pm - the 2nd kitten appeared(tricoloured one).shat da chop this kitten,he said it is his.amek laaa,amek la.xheran.

304am - later,the third and the last kitten lahir.i chop this gray kitten,its fur is very similar like an elephant, name yet but i will find one which will suits its fur nice and right.hahaa.

this is it.will update you later for more guys.majulah kitten untuk negara.

p/s : danny,Bubu ko da xlaku da kt uma ktorg,plus ur Bubu is a banned lil animal in lil bitch territory.happy? notttttttttt.haha.

exam week for ma m8s

2wks with exam papers and these lads struggle everynite to get their job done.few shots taken by me and this is the result.(owg laen nga struggle study,aku melenggang,hahaa)

din taking a 'short' nap b4 his study time

danny brought his Bubu and i tortured it a little because of its retardness.well,quite a nice pic here rite?

lil bitch,"our" housecat at this time were forced to sit in the box for us to shot a pic.

a ciggy gift.

7/10 - i received a gift from Tim,he's my classm8 at limkokwing,guess wut he gave me? a box of cigarrete,a rare one in malaysia(i guess). and plus, it's fully indonesian-made u noe.very small and quite mild and less nicotine.such a slim ciggy stick.thanks dude.gimme more somewhr l8r.haha.

Sampoerna Avolution menthol 14's

p/s: danny,u shud quit ur new habit though.hehehe.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

AC - SS15, Subang Jaya.

26/09 - my watch tick tick tick n by dat tym,it is 1am in d morning but it is not even a sign to abandon ezad's plan to Asia Cafe dat nite. of cos, we, 6 of us went there on ezad's wheel, but with aji's driving (he drives cautiously =p) we arrived at our destination at around 40mins from cj. better safe than sorry aite? well i ate a fillet o fish n an iced grande less shot vanilla latte. not my favourite really. prefer it with less caffeine =) a short karaoke session with mo ezad n chim and a couple sets of po0l game was fun as expected =) roll ur eyes down,few pictures below.

chim n ezad's 1st set of game

aji n matt showing off their skills.

matt wit style.

skill mhl? mayb =p

karaoke night out.

24/09 - an hour of karaoke and some frappucino. it was only 6 of us but yet it really an enjoyable moment as dat nite is d 1st tym i joined them for a karaoke session =p matt,awien,aji,chim, n mo, it was a really fun nite =)

Friday, October 10, 2008

D-26ixers homemade BBQ.

upacare grill mengrill.
click the image for a more pleasant view

ayam2 kami!

23/09/08 - the D-26-B BBQ nite =)

guys,i rili2 njoy the ciken! (grilled by mo,shat,chim n awien,thx,sedap gle!) , the savoury sauce (made by matt n faris! rase yg agk cun,leh bukak kedai! tp xlaku,haha =p) and matt n me,made the drinks,the orange squisher =) oh yea! i almost 4got,aji n me bought all the sausages n kerang at 640pm,gle lambat,nk bukak poser dahh =p n thx a lottt to ezad as he grilled our kerang all by himself,eventhough die grill lam bekas arang,pon boleyh masok abu2 die skaliii,hahaa,with help of awien n chim, the result, amazingly sedapp doe :) fuhhh,it was fun n tiring moment n we sweats a lott(awin plg byk,hahaa.n aji second laa kott) n last but not least,thx to matt, aji, shat n toh sbb bli ayam2 nih pg2 bute.

p/s: dak2 umah,bwat lg nxt sem,ayam turkey lak,xpon daging kambing kerr, wo0oh0oo,layannn2~
p/s: shat nye baldi toilet bocor ats tindakan ezad yg mencaerkann baldi plastic tuh tym bakar kerang,hahahha.

Buka Puasa at D-26-B means NO enough chairs to cater,haha =p

17/9/08 - we,the D-26-B guys organised a buka puasa event n i arrived thr a bit l8,sowie guys,thx 4 d 4 ciken parts u all save it 4 me :) n i just managed to take a shot, nasik ni jerr,nasik aku,haha =p n thanks a lot to din utk periok n nasik masakan anda n my hsem8s 4 the grilling thingy n all our friends,from the malays,chinese n indians for coming. that's d spirit of malaysian,selamathariraya =)

p/s: nxt sem ade kott kusi ke sofa ke,doa2 kann,hahaa.
p/s: we'll do this annually taw,expect 4 more in d future :)

a funeral 4 a fren n a high speed chase.

i supposed 2 upd8 dis on 11/9/08. well,2 bz 2 do dat,4give me =p

here's a picca of us,a total of 7cars with black as the main tshirt colour after attending a funeral for a friend,lionel,his dad passed away dat afternoon.

to my horror, i'm in the hot pursuit car as ezad hit it up to 170km/j keeping on pace with paizbesa n din on d way back to cyberjaya,great2 thanks to them,racing n testing their wheels on the peaceful highway during the wee hours. i'm dead sure awien cant stop swearing n praying hard everythg's alrite as he was seating next to the driver, paiz besa. no 1 can put on hold of pressuring aji eventhough he's driving mas' myvi. i can't stop laughing at dat moment,haha =p

oh ha'ah,b4 ktorg sampai umah lionel,thr's a jpj roadblock,ezad keep his car's engine running low as his muffler will blow the undercover =p and few metres at d back,paizbesa's gen2 got hit at the rear,the bumper part,n all d cars in front rushed to paizbesa's car to find out wut had happened,n the chinese family yg hit kete paizbesa quickly flee from the scene rite after paying sum amount to him. yelaaa,sume dak2 baju itam gather around dorg cam nk gado plakk,haha,pity the chinese family,kann2? *sigh*

p/s: i wonder t0pan's vw can really reached number 160 on his speedometer,hehe =p no offence though.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya 1429hijrah =)

it's still not 2 l8 to wish 2 u guys kan?
selamat hari raya from me.
and still you can post my dwet raya-to-be to the address below,

d-26-b, cyberia townvilla,
63000 selangor darul ehsan

thanks a bunch :)