Sunday, October 19, 2008

lil bitch giving birth!

10/10 - lads,u noe wut? our housecat, 'lil bitch', had successfully giving birth to 3 kittens.well done matey =)

hours b4 giving birth.u noe sumthg takk? her upper body part including her head n mouth shaking horribly minutes b4 she gave birth to her kittens.menakotkannn =p

923pm - the first newborn kitten,witnessed by mo.

1157pm - the 2nd kitten appeared(tricoloured one).shat da chop this kitten,he said it is his.amek laaa,amek la.xheran.

304am - later,the third and the last kitten lahir.i chop this gray kitten,its fur is very similar like an elephant, name yet but i will find one which will suits its fur nice and right.hahaa.

this is it.will update you later for more guys.majulah kitten untuk negara.

p/s : danny,Bubu ko da xlaku da kt uma ktorg,plus ur Bubu is a banned lil animal in lil bitch territory.happy? notttttttttt.haha.

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adieo said...

mcm pnah nmpk kucing ni, tapi tak sure mane...