Monday, October 27, 2008

is this wut we called the term Living Under the Poverty Line?

19/10 - i had a brisk walk dat nite,my fren, tim invited me to accompany him grab his dinner,i just nodded and waited fer him and all in a sudden i saw a group of men ransacking a big and gigantic canvas container(it looks like a huge plastic beg though) and arranged and kept dividing aluminium cans and plastic mineral bottle.i do hope these people don't do these for a living.i mean,i knew sum of 'em dun have any other proper job but well,it is a huge and filthy task lah to collect all the tins and bottles and then sending them to recycle center is just tiring.

serabai doh

2 kumens!:

environmentalist! said...

dun look down on them la! its good that someone is doing that job for msians!atleast they are earning a decent living job!

ghgjjh said...

well read,yer rite yer rite.