Tuesday, December 29, 2009


cane nih exam minggu depan tapi satu hape tak bace lagi, buku pon tak nampak, toolbox entah ke mane, calculator bertebaran.aduiii.

ifpjipwjfpawjpfjwfpfjfwpfkjpewjfwejf (lepaskan tension ngn wat style Maksim main Flight of Bumblebee kt keyboard)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i am a male angel.wtf.it sounds so gay.

That day van CPV rosak.i should be working in dat thing tapi i end up being angels at a shopping mall.what a day.lucky no one recognize me wearing those wings pairing with khai shien.Few pics uploaded,want more,please browse it on my fb.thanks.(i couldnt join Starbucks Cheer Party for 2009,again :c next year okay?)

belanje customers their parking ticket.

kai shien pretending to fly.i guess.

with Mr.Nima,friendly customer for that day.

what is christmas angels without a christmas tree.hehe.

okay readers.i should be doing my Final Sem Project by now.huhu -__-"
til then okay,thanks for reading :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


tidak suke dengar orang panggil bro sane sini.
bang is better.kann? -__-"

Sunday, December 13, 2009


checked my mail that day and i found this.hehee.
ok 8k one step closer :p

i want! i want! Kaa-Chingggg ($_$)

Grand Prize : RM8000
Second Prize : RM 2000
Third Prize : RM1000

My lecturers said PAM President's going to award any two among us for our achievements for each prize category.Best Architecture Student Award! dayyum.
wtf! okay i'm gonna go ga ga for the Grand Prize!!
pray hard for me guys.hehe :)
*fingers crossed*

Starbucks Chill Patrol for MYC BotB 2009 @Sunway Pyramid

today 12/12/09.
worked in a Starbucks cute little van at Orange Entrance,Sunway Pyramid.
yup got event laa,MYC! BoTB 2009.
oh yea i busy maa, making Frap and Blended Juice from 2pm til 10pm.
huiyo busy round the clock kann? lucky got chicks to feast my eyes.HAHA.
hello customers and passersby, i saw u guys snapping me here and there,us at work.
care to share some here? IM my fb later okay.tqvm :)

nahh flyer for that day.

a customer spotted in front of Starbucks JJ Maluri.
hey thanks for the picture smashpop!

grabbed from The Sun.tq tq.hehee.

ok enuff.i'll upload more if i got some more okay people :)
hey u want us to come to your event?
Klang Valley only,taw? but Genting pon boleh.hehe.
ring us at 03-2052 5888.
til then,see ya later.

p/s : serve annatasha her mocha frap over there! weehoo.she's hot okay.sorry hannah tan :p

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hari ulangtahun saye.

*sedang berdoa supaye kekal mude*

7 december 2009 hari tu officially i'm 21 years old!

" I’m so contagious,
I’m in my zone,
21 years old, C-E-O,
Young money many, what chu know about, dough "
teringat lyric caprice pulak.haha.
ok cut the crap.
ade satu pic je kt bwh.
nak yg lain tengok la sendiri kt fb.

ok,kecik sebab i dun need a big one.right.

normally,i dun rili celebrate my birthday.
ala u noe wut i mean.
setakat wish tu da cukop meaningful dah to me.
a'ah,for real.
ouh yea,thanks to everyone yg wish :D
family,friends,neighbours,collegemates,childhood buddies,work partners,acquaintances,strangers.
sume laa.

p/s: malam sket nanti baru nk sambong blog lagi.nak kua kejap okay :p bye2 readers.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

oops i did it again.

aku baru blk dari putsal.
saje je pegi sbb dkat jek ngn umah.
lagipon lame xkua peloh.
lemak dah lame bertambah.kann?(otot sbenanye)
malam ni BANYAK road block.ade 5!!
OPS ape yerr? F betol laa.

sib baek aku lepas.thanks jalan jauh.GPS otak pon sgt membantu.
alhamdulillah selamat sampai :)
oh tidak,harus tidur,esok mahu ke kelas at 10am -__-"
nite people (-.-)zZ


semalam 1/12/09.
nk g kelas tp rase nk pitam.
aku rase aku diri lam tren lame sgt.
muthafatha tol laa :c