Sunday, December 13, 2009

Starbucks Chill Patrol for MYC BotB 2009 @Sunway Pyramid

today 12/12/09.
worked in a Starbucks cute little van at Orange Entrance,Sunway Pyramid.
yup got event laa,MYC! BoTB 2009.
oh yea i busy maa, making Frap and Blended Juice from 2pm til 10pm.
huiyo busy round the clock kann? lucky got chicks to feast my eyes.HAHA.
hello customers and passersby, i saw u guys snapping me here and there,us at work.
care to share some here? IM my fb later okay.tqvm :)

nahh flyer for that day.

a customer spotted in front of Starbucks JJ Maluri.
hey thanks for the picture smashpop!

grabbed from The Sun.tq tq.hehee.

ok enuff.i'll upload more if i got some more okay people :)
hey u want us to come to your event?
Klang Valley only,taw? but Genting pon boleh.hehe.
ring us at 03-2052 5888.
til then,see ya later.

p/s : serve annatasha her mocha frap over there! weehoo.she's hot okay.sorry hannah tan :p

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