Sunday, March 30, 2008

aminuddin baki terCINTA

amiekidz0105,dis is 4u guys,

Aminuddin Baki tercinta,
kami tetap bersama,
memberi bakti setia,
sehingga maju jaya.

Berikrar,bersetia pada rumah tercinta,
berdisiplin,berjasa itu amalan mulia,
guru-guru yang dikasihi,
tabah berdedikasi,
jasamu kami hargai tetap di sanubari.

Kami tetap bersama,Maju terus Maju.

p/s: guys,hr tuh aku jumpe ustaz zul a.k.a Ki tym nk htr adek aku skolah kt ASiS.die kem slm kt korg.die ade pesan dah lame xjumpe panjang,omar,bule,leo,pnan,awie,kicap,si0ng,pejal berok,jimi,fifi,jimeque n dak2 amiekidz mentee die tym tuh kite mude tadek janggot lagii.ah winduu siyal tym dedulu kt skolah lame ngn Ki.hahahahahaha.

4-nil,and the beauty of the game =)

ronaldo offering a hug to carrick.

tevez congratulated by his teammates after
the 2nd goal of the

it's a goal galore dat nite as Devils whipped The Villains 4-0.really amazed of wut they showed to us,the quality of their game.A backheel from ronaldo,speedy header by tevez,and the doubles from r0oney,wut an assist from carrick.wut a game.wut a game.shud witness it with more than 75,000 crowd over there.RED DEVILS,the trophy is only for us.
glory2 Man United =)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Worst Day(untok minggu nih)

matt planned well and everything's well dat nite as we cruise through the freaking cold night berbekalkan kete kancil to KL.chim,awien,emo and me followed him,nk amek sign his dad utk sum PTPTN's matter.

reached matt's house at 840 sumthg and we all lepaking there.tadelah doing nothg.but his collection of comic b0oks really amazed us.haha.n his new wardrobe cabinet jgkkk.iyerr.after bace2 jap,we continue our journey pegi yumcha.horey.perot p0n dah lapa.menelan rr~

tapii,sangkekan panas hingge ke petang,rupenye hujan di tengahari.wahh!pepatah melayu doh aku gne.awesome2(for me).

all started well doe.until laa sum bende2 ini berlaku.take a l0ok kay.

i- matt tlupe collect back his PTPTN form from his dad.haha.
ii- matt mati enjin on his last day utk Lesen FULL.(hey he completed his 2 years of P license,congrats,haha)
iii- our Shisha's taste for that nite surprisingly sux.really sux i tell u laa.
iv- kuey tiaw da laa mahal,sikett lak tuh.mcm nk crk gadoh doe.bagero tol.
v- chim found out those 7-11workers kt tepi NZtuh retards.yelaaa,very2 slow service and annoyin doh.bapak lambat nk c0cok t0pup.
vi- chim and me plan nk bli McD's Shake kt Setiawangsa nye Drive-Thru.dammit,N/A kt c2 pulak dah.sape tak hangin.sedap tuh layan sejok2.kann2?
vii- matt tmasok lane salah lak tym nk balek cyberjaya.haha.
viii- our flo0r black out plak dah mlm tuh,adus.sian deskt0p2 korg.haha.

wut a day kann? haha.shisha laaa plg worst skaliik.aduh.sgt2 kuciwa.nah laa gamba2 bg korg usha.mariii2.lai2.

posing dorkily kt bilek matt

me and emo dgn koleksi matt.

idong chim cam pleyk kan.

matt tsenyom bangge.

kekuciwa'an jelas tampak dari wajah kanak2 lapa ini.ah sori matt aku tlupe snap ur pic ='c

awien n matt me-rally kete.


ketike black out

Chim and Matt maen p0ol kt laptop aku til 5am n i slept at around 430am sumthg.glad dat day finally ended.haha

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

celebr8ng dwet PTPTN masok.haha.

t0day me,awien and chim went to alamanda 4 a few cheers.
OKB or Orang Kaya Baru said earlier they want to eat something yg macam orang kai-yerrrrr(sebot ikot sukukate baru klaka,haha).fcuk.last2 ktorg g f0odcourt RASA je menelan.cite dongeng tol nk ajk g makan mcm Chilli's kerr(eh ade ke kt alamanda? mengong betol.)

ktorg g carrefour jap.chim kate nk bli katil(kaye-maye laa katekan).sum lollipop,mcd's sundae.sushi,1dozen dunkin donut.hell lot like orang kaye kan? haha. at last die bli kreko and sum sushi je.haha.aku layan gak sushi.sumenye hanye RM5.65.

tp the big incident nye.ah here's the story.kitorg kt escalator tidak bertangge(alaa yg tempat yg troli leh bwk skaliik tuh).n ktorg nampak 1group of org arab yg mcm emergency tolak an old lady gne wheelchair LAJUUU gilerr ke bawah.sume org d tepi-tepian mcm BLUR like wut's happening? wut's happening?.blur punye crowd.including Me and Awien.haha.all in a sudden Chim dgn alertnye larii g bawah n try to STOP dat old lady from jatoh tgolek alert die nih.awien said "gle r star chim!".yelaaa ktorg xphm d real situation kott.igtkn die sesak napas ke haperr's the sketch of dat incident.

Chim try tahan

ah yes we went bowling mengikot kate2 Chim.3 games bai.wohh agk pnat.siyes shit.i finished last place utk tige-tige game.ape glakk2? beze 2,3 points je ngn dorg.tade ah malu ngat.muahaha.

trademark dari Chim_31.agk style kan.

aku mcm blari doh.hahaha.

awien hampe pas mengetahui masok longkang.haha.

lawa takk score kami? 8-8-8

after dat we went to starbucks and ordered choc cream chip for me n chim.awien prefer ice shaken lemon Zen.they play DAM aji and i watched them w/o a word coming out.haha.yelaa.tade nk bwat pe.nah some photos to mark our day out at starbucks alamanda.

with Chim posing randomly.

like always.membwat sum smokes kt lua.

And we went back to cyberjaya at 710pm.thx guys for the day.hey thx readers kerane membace =)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

windu ahh nk Parkour2

wall trick.gosh,4got laa the real name of this move.

here's one of my mastered move.(haha =p) ah tade ah bangge.sng kot nk wat bende nih.learned and been doing this since my high scho0l years.ngahaha =#

sum free-running tym riadah and during weekends really helps.

iteque pnah pcahkn atap genting d suatu ptg kt dwn mkn.check.amek bola yg stuck kt atap.check.bwat stunt dpn tangge tpi pavillion.check.yes we did it all.not to 4get celebrating merdeka nite dkt atap n aiman? full of shits.we hop and hop during weekends night kt atap pejabat.and numerously, we've been trying climbing pavillion ro0ftops.fcuk.really3 awesome.ah i meant the view from above of all the ro0ftops we conquered past few years.haha.kne kejar? not a prob,larii kn diri is not a BIG matter.hell yes.

here's some resources where we learned all the moves.

and keyword : le parkour)

aiman baba,aku,iteque,t0pek,abol,keane,cheesan,sapir,sadiq dan parkourist2 laen.

years already passed...

guys,did u miss this? i bet it's a Y E S. hehehh =p

pets petS and petSS

nahh,my cat,leo.he's so unexplainably garang.iyerrr.die nih agak gemoq dan besar.

one of my fav pets,yes,wabbits.

here's a white and brownish hare,cumel doh.xrase nak pgang ke?

dude,here's a hilarious vid.

awien jd 'SoulJa boY' lam lagu crank that.wut the fish.die macam style pusing2 kan cap.haha.

Monday, March 24, 2008

met Topeckt dat day

7 March 2008,b4 friday prayers,apai met us and,but awien and me messed up our 1 n only plan,haha,wut the fish.suppose to met topeckt at 10 sumthg.. gle ah seko2 tdo lambat,ah i meant awien.die borak sampai 7am dat nite b4.(dah pagi kot?)

last2 apai dtg2 and lepak2 kt bilek ktorg til 1130am.haha.and wut we told topeckt is,jam gle kt sepang.haha.fcuk.but last2 kitorg sampai jgk LCCT.yes we made it.tapiii,at almost 1pm laa.asek glak je aku jumpe die.haha.awien lg laa.winduukn topek.

dialog klaka awien

awien : pek,ko nk g mne ek ngn mak ko ngn akak ko?

topek : kk,jaoh gle doh.airasia mcm bas ekspres.

awien : oh? kuala kangsar.

topek : palotak ko.kk kota kinabalu laaa.

awien : hahahahahahahahahahhaha.jgn r glak.maluu r aku.

hahahahahahaha.klaka syal.

here's some picS dat day guys.

kt new fo0dcourt building seblah LCCT

awien pas makan

Nail 'em 3-0!

it's quite a big day here at old trafford tonite,goal from wes brown before half time gave us some bo0st against a top form team,nani and ronaldo produce a quality footskill before they add 2 more goals in 2mins.we called that the beauty of football.amazing lads.very.
thx from all of the fans.we really salute the quality of the game.RED DEVILS together we marching on.

nani react after his his acrobatic celebration.

wes swamped by jubilant MAN U players after his goal.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

does SHE?

she's my gf,sape taw ehh,, hey? does she read my blog post.i bet she did not.naah i hope she will.
haa sayang?
nak bace tamawww?

afifi f l y

14/2/08,ahh we all went to escort him dat nite, yeah,rite,it's like our little2 reunion and time to share some latest bout our friends whereabout,regardless sharing it repeatedly among us.

btw i cant recall where he's going to.not so sure it's NZ.hell no big deal where he'll go.
he's not dat close to us.yeah he shud know.

ese awien nippon kicap pnan scuby kamil and hapai too attracted to kamil's tips,damn i don't remember he spoke bout wut.

we waited for bout 40mins and hell where they went to? scuby n awien,they messed up themselves.

apai waited in our ro0m b4 our little trip to dis the rite pic ekk awien? fcuk.i'm not so sure.

airborne anyone?

weh korang ade game nih? pls laaa ader doh.
Medal of Honor : Airborne
hey ini PC game laa.COD4 dah khatam cpat sgt and aku nk game baru to replace dat game.

Pinjam taw if korg ade.awien nk maen gak.haha.

Bunch of Wild Guys (and Retards)

hi guys.
mak aii.nih 1st post kt siyal.

Congrats3 !

cite ah psl ke bz an hari2 yg lepas.aduhhh.

last thursday,fucking panchet gak aku keje rr closing sorg,MOD eija.wat cafe plak.kalau bar leh lenggang sket.adus.
thinking of sleeping soundlessly balek nnt.Lut ajk g movie.midnite? WTF.pnat kot.he used to,closing alone.dengki syal.cipet.cyberjaya.
jaoh kott.korg hingat blakang maluri je kerr.haha.skalii haa,mane de midnite movie tym weekdays.sigh.(tp best gak tdo lam movie hall.fucking siyes doh.been doin dat since form5 lg)
balek umah tros haa aku.bkn cam smlm,sempat chow g cyber balek KL balek ilek naek ego Return rr nk amek moto aku nye pasal.fucking sejok siyal.

esoknye bajet nk g salo0n,korg mst da taw kott? ke-AWAL-an aku bgn,oh yelahhh aku o9 smp 3am,then kinda hard try to get some sleep.fuck that.
make.bangonlah aku pkol 11am.tbareng2 sambel msg sayang2(shud i?) aduhh.bgn chow g jumaat.zZ then rushing g jumpe diana kt LRT.bapak ah mls aku bwk moto.
meet her and keep arguing.bosan oh tgk movie.(sape stuju.btol kot.tgk movie.abes movie.pastuh chow) tak ke haru aku dok dlm tuh senyap2.haha.gle2.
jalan2 kt bb.tman die g sane cnie.aduh.(sayang shudden noe bout this.haha) i'll explain l8r haa.rushing g kl sentral nek monorail.
shud predicted it earlier.hujan kawsat kotttttttt.slumber gamble lari ah masok kl sentral.smp2 Tmn Bahagia Putra station knowing awien's already there.just like i thought die agk awl.kate sampai 720pm.
it's 50% true and selebeyhnye? harapan.but hell yes.he's earlier dr aku dat always.fcuk.(sib baek aku x bet) haha.kam menyusul 10minit selepas itu.smoke 4 a while and anep n topan sampai
ngn jayenye dat evening.bapak ah ujan.anep swears a lott bcoz of dat.haha.die mmg siyesli aku tataw plak topan gonna b's fucking 2 cars u idiot.dah ajk ese n nippon join us.but dorg prefer nek ERL.
faster n no rm6.50 kot.awien prefer sejok lam kete.i folo him.ntah.easier.(perhaps)
dat evening.(hey aku rase happening jgk dis trip)
fucking lembab jgk traffic flow.LDP dah kompom jam ujan2 nih.NKVE? fucking long distance nk g KLIA.they fucked us around 2 KLIA.way too long lahh dat highway.more shit? ade TOL mahal kt c2.ahh,shud drive my orange savvy
next time.kan korg? lot more shorty cutty cut style.
last2 minute anep br taw topan gonna fetch sapir at KMB tym tuh gak.oh wut a decision.terpakse,we topan.paleng DEKAT! haha.
gle horror tempat tuh.HOW THEY CAN SURVIVE KT C2?? hell lot like a Pusat Serenti.serious shit.
paleng FUCK.anep eagerly enthusiastically spiritedly drive the fastest his white kenari(haha!) can go to KLIA after story-telling to us he almost skidded tym hujan di suatu petang.korg dah taw maybe.awien fucking anxious during anep's hell ride.
suke siyal ekspresi beliau ketika e2.haha.

ah lebeyh kurg 945pmmet bdak2 INTEC,a'a,chikah,awie(his hands ade BIG parot,sian siyal)nik n fizu dah sampai.mcm dah lame je.
tp aku taw ese n nippon dah sampai awl.fuck.asl trip ktorg saluu piawai smp lambat.ah no big deal.jimeque still there.
ese ajk jerit our PEPATAH melayu since our last 2 trips g cnie,turn aku? just my luck.ble plak ade maen2 turn.da rr lapa.harapan aku nk masok ayer tym2 lapa2 camnih.haha.but fucking seriously nobody nk bwat dat nite.
topan tidak akan agree.sumtyms me 2.iye laa babi,xcaye pulak.

fucking shamefulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll part kann! ble jimeque request lagu NESPRAY tym tuh.dgn prasaan malu+terdesak+lapar,grup kami dgn slumber kontrol muke nyanyi retard.sum of their parents were applausing.ah shit happens.maluu no1 knows us
as well as ourselves.we make that day ours when we remember that thing repeatedly nnt.dead sure.
pulang ke KL dgn selamat.awien ajk BIG 2 lam kete.yes i lost 2 in a row.alasan = glap macam kimak dlm kete.not focusing 100%.
but hey it IS a ah alasan bayek.who cares.

dat NIGHT is ours.btol xtipu.hartamas menjadi saksi.2 ho0kah shisha pipe menjadi mate.1deck Chung Tai Ti memberi entertainment bile cerite2 hamper habes dikongsi.
DARE xjadi.but still best after kepenatan masok ayer d celah malam2.(ataupon patotku panggil pagi?) last2 kami tidor at anep's macam sardin d bilek nye.oh ade 2 ekor musang
juge turot menginap in d same ro0m.fucking me n my retarded frens.rumah hanep byk jus yg boleyh d telan.nasehat topan x d endahkn selepas sifat sarcastic nye d dedahkan.fucker that guy.
haha.SKL 2 hot rod dah cukop utk sejok kn inner nih.ah topan.he smokes.once in a while.i guess.fuck best gle sejok siyal.shud stick to 'em til now.hell 50-50.

movie session = organiser anep.FUCK,he's into top list movies doh.some of it je aku tw.ah he's gewd at it.iye doh.
fuck gle x tdo sampai 730 dat day.yes,matahari pagi tidak kami temui.4pm lepak pulak kt sentral until we call it a day 1hour later.
interesting yet tiring trip.mmg mcm tuh.2days str8 utk ktorg.KLIA trip.semue org taw.Time's precious,but frens always more precious.haha.

i'll post some hot photos.nk byk tp mls.

dis is super FUN.upacara kutok mengutok.
aku patot letak rambot mohican anep.yup.topan kate mcm ayam.

hartamas.opal uncle's don.

kam yg bau lelaki.die kate.haha.

H a r a p a n?

gilerrr2,sape laaaaa tataw aku mst bgn lambat kann,hahaha =p

jam menunjokkan 1230pm

i- igt nk g KLCC nye UK Edu Fair pkol 10am,H a r a p a n..bgn pkol 1230pm,dodol betol.
ii- pastuh igt nk g Sis Eija nye Wedding,lg ah H a r a p a n..sian diana,xpe die ade akak die teman.settle 1prob =p
iii- then igt nk g bli LAN cable utk gne kt umah,H a r a p a n jgk,hahahaha.
iv- balek MMU mlm kang,ah igtkn balek ptg,adus motor ku tpakse dtggalkn selame 2,3hr =p

M0raL of the story ==> o9 lahh lme2 sgt mlm2 yerr,ahhh esok? nk bgn pg,ahh abaikan matahari pagi.

some co0l tees? fcuk 'em.

design tak menarek sgt n byk gak harsh words digunekan.mmg patot pon.(some of it laa)
boleh amek ilham jgk.jgn tiru.xlawa.siyes xlawa sgt.iyerr.

a devil swaying hands on the snow floor

i love coffee


music notes design with some floral touch

iPod culture

E for Everyone.

teh anyone?

found air teh yg agak L A Y A N N N,yup =p
got it from my store,the name is Tazo JOY =)

tp this thg available tym CNY je,sorry folks.