Tuesday, March 25, 2008

windu ahh nk Parkour2

wall trick.gosh,4got laa the real name of this move.

here's one of my mastered move.(haha =p) ah tade ah bangge.sng kot nk wat bende nih.learned and been doing this since my high scho0l years.ngahaha =#

sum free-running tym riadah and during weekends really helps.

iteque pnah pcahkn atap genting d suatu ptg kt dwn mkn.check.amek bola yg stuck kt atap.check.bwat stunt dpn tangge tpi pavillion.check.yes we did it all.not to 4get celebrating merdeka nite dkt atap pejabat.me n aiman? full of shits.we hop and hop during weekends night kt atap pejabat.and numerously, we've been trying climbing pavillion ro0ftops.fcuk.really3 awesome.ah i meant the view from above of all the ro0ftops we conquered past few years.haha.kne kejar? not a prob,larii kn diri is not a BIG matter.hell yes.

here's some resources where we learned all the moves.


youtube.com( keyword : le parkour)

aiman baba,aku,iteque,t0pek,abol,keane,cheesan,sapir,sadiq dan parkourist2 laen.

years already passed...

guys,did u miss this? i bet it's a Y E S. hehehh =p

6 kumens!:

Anonymous said...

awat x bgtaw move2 gempaq ak.

Capik! said...

hehehhe, serious rindu time2 ni dowh, aku mseh dok maen2 gak ar kat aussie ni, pot smue masyuk giler tapi takleh ar buat dpan2, polis die strict dowh, kene tangkap nnti mau kene balek mesia tros haahhaha!

ahmad nazirul said...

c0ol lah capik! u're d man,aicehh poyo lak.aku tade geng ah nk parkour2.hoh0.hrp 1day nnt ade parkour event yg aku leh usha n who knows,join rr.haha.

Anonymous said...

wehhh..ak stil parkour lagi doe..tp wat sorg2 je..boring dowh..skil pon da makin hampeh daaa..-mr bobo

ahmad nazirul amir said...

1day b0bo,1day b0bo,nnt2 kite unite free running serate kl.hahahahahaha.

Capik! said...

hahhah! kalo nak start balek, go on ahead without me lah guys, aku balek mesia btol2 nnti after grad kot, time tu dah berjanggut, lompat skit je dah sakit blakang wakakakkkakakka!!