Saturday, May 31, 2008

hectic days in a row.frantic.

21st May - dream match.Man U won.
22nd May - went out with a fren.watched What Happen In Vegas.agk menarek til i 4got to sleep while inside d movie hall.duhh.oh sgt sleepy,can't help it.alm0st jatoh tym tdo bdiri,hoi jgn glakk,hahaha =c
23rd May -had to fetch topeckt at 6am at Hentian Putra.oh jln putra mmg less volume at such a time.indah.l8r dat evening,went to SSAS putrajaya to accompany shaffiq,he claimed his SPM cert that day.g bangi,changed my sco0t's tyre.pecah plak tym tuh.cett.went to cyber rite aft dat 4 a while b4 went str8 back home.tiring.really.
24th May - melancong ke MidValley n Gardens.watched Indiana Jones wit aiman apai n t0peckt.shud invite somemore frens.ah xsempat.sorry haa =c
25th May - sleepover wit aiman day.
26th May - bersuke rie d 1Utama,left my sco0ter keys sempoi,nothg happened.lesson learned well.hey no joke.watched Narnia.oh lame typical lil kids movie.tak menggerakkan minda most of d time.laugh a whole lot inside d movie hall.haha.
27th May - went to bb plaza n plaza low yat instead of the enormously famous Pavillion.i accompanied topeckt to his return-to-home bus.farewell dude.

nek escal8r beramai2

naek lagii

waterco0ler hampeh.

nampak aku menyelit? haha.

shot bsame kung fu panda,unluckily,awien takdak.hahaha.

topek menn utk 1st time lam idop die.haha.

i won dis 1-0 doubt.

cam-whoring dpn cermin toilet GSC 1U =p

menjadi katak lam po0l d uma kicap d suatu petang

haaa! as u can see,oh sgt3 bz kann? wut else u can call ehh,busy-ness NOT business okeh~

Friday, May 30, 2008

salute the Kings of Europe.

it's never to0 late to shout out loud about has been 2weeks since Man U invades's a pretty comeback in a final match dont u see guys? hail em,fergie's young side,6-english-player team,it's our pride,3rd time as the Kings of Europe.glory3 Manchester United.

when lightning strikes.

1st of all i would like to express my thanks to a heavy downpour last 3days ago,which a lightning strike had happened and causing a short circuit to my trustworthy xps motherboard n at my horror,it also caused my ADSL modem to receive overvoltage at d same time.po0r lad.but now everything's back to normal except i'm waiting for my xps' WLAN card to be received by next wednesday.

but now let's 4get about dat.from what i learn,alhamdulillah that's a reminder to me,never leave my lappie w/o no one realize it's switched ON.especially when it's going to rain in the evening,cause u nvr know.kann3? hahah.

finally my XPS is OK! ho0rayy~

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Out,says Dr M.

"Hari ini, Mei 19, 2008 saya mengumumkan keputusan saya untuk keluar daripada UMNO. Isteri saya turut bersama"

Those words are clearly spoken by Tun Dr Mahathir Muhammad,as his intention are finally being spread out yesterday. As said by him,Umno members are now searching for fame and blinded by money, ironically, to my horror, my country are in serious political era.this is not a rumour, not even close to be one. i just pray with a hopeful heart, his wisdom can guide him well as well as our country in the future. information is a courtesy of

a weird evening thought.

That evening was a breeze one, as I jog around the park, fast I realize there’s quite a life out there, not very much alike some of us, I used to think R5004 is the perfect place to wind down myself as well as my roommates. smirking smile. recalling back my primary school years, hey, I always do this, jogging around the lake at my place as any other morning Sundays. not a lazy Sunday at all I would say, basically no, okay I admit my dad keep forcing me to go with him, compared with my little brother, a typical jogging session in the morning is like an event of the year to him. only the interesting part to me is to have an early breakfast in the morning before a nap, yes, the next healthy activity, at least to me.

Somewhere that evening, with sweats still coming out, I just try to forget about it by telling myself how much I need some few gulps of cold and glucose-ful drinks after a tiring run. Finally, we reached a busy area, everyone seems occupied at most of the time,I called this place a ‘pasar malam’, but not by them I supposed to say, here, they use a different term, it’s ‘Pasar Tani’ instead of what we used to call it those days. But still, in similar, here and there there’s always a loud sound, came out from some stalls, like a loop of an echo, attracting people who walks nearby their premises. I tried not to be astonished for what I saw here, it’s a weird now, it’s just me or like, any other normal teenagers, in their early 20’s, rarely thought of going to ‘pasar malam’ as a good place to go. Truthfully the thought of going to any pasar like this only came across my mind frequently during the season of ramadhan. Almost pathetic,I can say. But well, it’s a good think to know, in a sigh of a relief, it is not too late to realise it’s not that hard to find a good eating place.kann?

As my not-so-sweet air jagung flushed away those thoughts far inside, perhaps I think I can fill up my evening better in the future from now on, better than a soundless nap every evening (almost), better than keeping myself occupied with PES 2008 like any other normal days, better than myspace-ing most of the evening. From a simple walk in a pasar malam, here I walk out from there smiling gleefully with my minds moving, with thoughts varying one another.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Muslim Footballers Starting 11

Hadari. (Al-Ahly/Egypt) - 2 times best goal keeper of Africa

Lilian Thuram (Barcelona/France)
Kolo Habib Toure (Arsenal/Ivory coast) - “bring prayer mat to training ground..” reporter.
Bakary Sagna (Arsenal)
Eric Albidal (Bacelona/France) - “He has been photographed many times carrying a copy of the Noble Qur’an at his training kits.” reporter.

Yaya Toure (Barcelona/Ivory coast) - “After moving from France’s Monaco for 10 million euros, talented midfielder Toure made it clear that practicing Islam, including fasting, does not affect his successful soccer career. He was named by Eurosport in 2005 as one of the most promising young players in the world."
Frank Bilal Ribery (Bayern Munich/France ) - “Fasting and get the best bundesliga player of the month..” Ribery said..“Seeing Ribery while raising his hands and supplicating to God as any typical Muslims do makes me feel proud,” Ribery said..“Islam is my source of strength either in or outside the playground,” he said. “I lead a difficult career and I was determined to find peace of mind, and I finally found Islam.” Ribery said.
Zinadine Yazid Zidane (Real Madrid/France) - 3 times best player of the world..
Mohamad Abou Terika (Al-Ahly/Egypt) -”sympathize with gaza..”

Frank Kanoute (Seville/Mali) -“Save a mosque in sevilla” Kanoute, a practicing Muslim who regularly performs his prayers even in the locker room, refused last season to wear a jersey advertising for an internet gambling site, because gambling is forbidden in Islam.Those who know Islam understand that fasting empowers and does not weaken the Muslim, ” said kanoute.
Nicolas Anelka aka Abd Salam Bilal (Chelsea/France)-“Allah menyukai Mukmin yang kuat daripada mukmin yang lemah” hadis…

courtesy of ejul for posting such an interesting collection of facts.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

~malaysia won 1-0~

After going down 1-3 to Ireland in their opening Group A tie on Thursday in the Intercontinental Cup football competition, the national Under-23 squad made amends in the second group match tonight when they edged Iraq 1-0 at the Petaling Jaya Stadium here.
Mohd Safee Sali made all the difference when he latched on to a freekick taken by Azi Shahril Azmi to slam in the winner in the 30th minute.

Iraq, stunned by this, piled on the pressure and despite all they threw at the Malaysian goal, the backline boys marshalled by Norhafiz Zamani Nisbah and Mohd Nasriq Baharom and goalkeeper Mohd Nasril Mat Nourdin stood firm to deny the visitors.
Malaysia too launched many forays at the Iraqi goal but luck and poor finishing denied them a bigger victory.
Pelik tetapi benar?
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Friday, May 16, 2008

i got tagged =?

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nift a.k.a tevez


Currently – berkumur-kumur~
current time: 1101hours~
Playing – Jason Mraz – wordplay~
Pending – napping~

What's new? – my precious 1-month holiday~

Real name – Ahmad Nazirul Amir Bin Yahya~

Nickname – amatt, emmett,emmedd, amir, irul(atok aku panggel), kepeng n so on n on n on~

Married – surely not~

Male/Female – c’mon laa,male~

High school – SSAS putrajaya~

College – KDU, UCSI n currently taking a pause for a while in MMU~

Are you a health freak? – big NO~

Do you have a crush on someone? – do I have to answer this?

Do you like yourself? – so-so~


Surgery – circumcision~ (ya e2 sunat spt kate2 nift)
Person you see in the morning – sgt mamai, can’t recall okayy~
Award – so long time a go, can’t recall~
Sports you join in – rock climbing n anythg that related to fo0tball~
Vacation – can’t recall,get over it!
Concert – Rock The World 6,7? Oh can’t recall,again~
Drink – white liquid from mama cow,susu laa bijak~

I'm about to – inhale some O-two~
Your future- definitely not sumthg wic can ruin my life~
Want kids – oh yes~
Want to get married – totally a YES~
Careers in mind – ahh can’t tell y’all, no joke ok~

Which is better?

Lips or Eyes - *eyes*
Hugs or Kisses – *due-due p0n suke*
Shorter or Taller - *shorter*
Romantic or Spontaneous – *romantic*
Sensitive or Loud – *sensitive*
Troublemaker or Hesitant? – *troublemaker*

Have you ever,

Kissed a stranger – heLL NO~
Drank bubbles – ape plak nihh~
Carbonated drinks- mestilah penah u maggot~
Ran away from home – ah once,when I was 6,7~
Liked someone younger – oh yes~
Broke someone's heart – I dun do this okayy~
Been arrested – ah yes,a long story I wud say~
Cried when someone died – mestilah,soklan ape laa nih~

Do you believe in,

Yourself – oh YES~
Angels – yes~

Is there someone you want to be with right now? – sincerely YES~

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->Chiisan 0105
->Mera – ness
->Topan 0105
->My Twin

*Post lame yg sengaje di UP kan balek.haha~

Budak2 yg lahir pd thn 80an mesti ingat mase skolah rendah dulu2:

- Kat skola ade salesman jual buku cerita.ari ni bg list, esok mintak duit beli walaupun cerita buku tu dah tau.salesman susu pon camtu gak.
mmg ahh,Toko Buku ape tah name company dorg,haha. Agak ske ah novel2 pendek ngn buku teka-teki.korang mesti pnah bace kann2? pastuh men teke2 kt kawan2 sekolah.haha.

- Kat library, budak2 mmg baca buku tp just tengok gamba je.Bile ade program Nilam, sebok semua nak pinjam buku.
ha’ahh,buku yg ade cover mnarek laa yg bes bace. Time Nilam yg rajen je copy paste copy paste tajuk2 buku. Menipu dgn bijak.

- RMT kat skola mkn x best, tp yg berduit pon join RMT, psal ekk..
mane aderr,RMT kan dapat susu kotak ngn nasik free,betol kann? Haha. Dah rr kene bli seb bek mura,50 sen kott harge singget tah rr.

- Pakai pensel box yg bole bukak dpn blkg, pastu ade sharpener kat tgh2 die.
betol2. pensel box plastic,kadang2 ade pembaries yg ade air,ade ikan berenang ngn ketas bkilat2 dlm die.haha.

-dulu tgk org len men yoyo kite pon bli gak.
ye rr tuh,ade jual kt stesen myk,sume pakai maen je even xtere,maen lambong2 je laa kann.

- Main lwn pemadam, syg nak guna utk padam.padahal itu fungsi sebenar, utk padam!
sume org pnah maen maen lawan2 pemadam,aku men gak,sume gune bendera kalau jumpe yg Malaysia mmg korg lwn betol2,ye ah smgt negare nye pasal.

- Cikgu pakai pembaris kuning pjg.Ade pemegang kat tgh2 tp x penah nmpk cikgu pgg pon kat situ.
ade cikgu gune utk wat garisan yg tgh tuh mmg aku xpnah nmpk cekgu pgang c2,hiasan kott

- Bulu ayam jd ramping krn sering dijadikan rotan.
takot gle ah ngn bulu ayam tym tuh,mmg trend cikgu nk rotan mst gune bende tuh.bukan utk lap bled a advance skett,gne rotan yg bulu ayam die plastic tuh,tp pemegang die besi kot.sgt menakowtkan.

-lepas sekolah.Bli aikrem 20sen ngn keropok2 kt dalam bus.
Haha.mmg tipu laa korg takk pnah bli bende2 bodoh nie,mmg murah dlu2.g skolah bwk singgit p0n da ckop mewah.

- Time Pendidikan Seni, lukis sume boleh tp bile time kaler sume hampeh.ade gak buat anyaman pakai kertas warna, kolajla, ape la...
betol la tuhh,lukes bkn maen terer,segale bende ade kt kertas tuh,dinosaur ayam,orang lidi ade gak,kete kebal ah,yg pompan lukeh pompan lawa ah,tym nk warne sume jd sengal xreti kaler lawa2.kolaj ty mseni.korg rase tade benefit kan bile besar2 camnih? Haha.sekolah mmg peleyk.

- Main Digimon.ramai gle org bawak.battle tym sekolah.cheat virus mmg bgune giler
bes ahh tym nih sume cam loaded,sane sni ade digimon,segale bentok kaler,segale version sume tayang.bile balek sekolah tym tuu laa sebok nk battle.takk p0n sebok flush tayiik digimon yg betabo kt screen korg.haha.

- Takut BCG tp lepas inject poyo la pulak...
budak2 darjah 6 mmg camtuh.wat2 xsaket,tp satu blok sekolah dgr jeritan saket korg bile kene enjet ngn jururawat yg tetibe dtg skolah pasal nk enjet korg.pastuh pas enjet maen tep0k lengan kawan2 sampai lebam.ape punye actvt laa kann?

- Balik skola beli JoJo xpon Dendang,Tora pon best gak. Beli semata2 nak mainan, coklat die x mkn pon.
kt iklan betabo iklan Ding dang dtg lagii.bodo sial laguu die.da laa 2ingget kott harge die,tp dpt maenan bodoh.makanan pun sampah. Harap je ade iklan kt tv.iklan Rota.ade jgk gula2 yg meletop bile kne kt lidah korg,60sen kann dlu jual.haha.agak bes,ade byk perise.

- Siri kartun; power rangers, Ultraman, Transformers, Ninja Turtles, Thundercats, Maskman, Gaban dan mcm2 lg.
korg dgn kawan2 ponteng ngaji lepak dpn tv kann tgk flashman tah, Cyber Cop ahh,mmg trend bdk2 bile sabtu jerr pkol 7 tgk power rangers beraksi sambong2 robot lawan raksasa.mane ade cite katun shin chan tym dulu2? Doraemon bolehh laa ade.

walaupun segalanya telah berlalu kite tetap kanak2 zaman 8Oan, memori2 ni akan tetap bersame kite sehingga dah besa dah kawen nnt,mungkin kite akan bercerite ngn anak2 kite psl bende2 nie. Dan bgelak2 dgn rakan2 kecik2 dulu cite psl bende ini.klakar kann? Hahahaha =D

when u need to do this,u got to do this *hopeful*

solat istikharah,i'm not sure i did this before but it sure has some hikmah and blessing after some effort on this.niat.

it's like a typical solah,with al fatihah and short surah in the 1st rakaat,whichever u like and same with 2nd rakaat as well.

read this doa at the end of ur solat if u can.

thanks for reading,i h0pe this canget over ur matters as it is recommended for all muslim.assalamualaikum~

Thursday, May 15, 2008

happy birthday kamu semue~

May 14th - hari jadi tamepunk(t0peckt) & Jimeque
May 15th - hari jadi Awien & Leo

u're 20 and menjadi lebih matang hahh?
I Don't Think So~

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

17th Man United EPL title.

1oth title under fergie's reign and 17th EPL title on course,but still fergie's genius mind eager looking for more in years to come. his young side winning team prove there's lot to be learn especially when Uefa Final in Moscow coming up later end of this month. Champions League trophy, there's only 1 team deserved it.Glory2 Man United.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

KL scenic view from up above.

on saturday these two lads invites me to join them for a few sh0pping around BB plaza,later dat nite,kicap bring us to Ampang Saujana,there's a tourist spot called Anjung Tinjau up's some snapshot.but i think it's recommended for u to use higher MP camera or else u can't REALLY see the beautiful view!

aft dat,we dine at Santai Cafe, located beside to Taman Tasik Permaisuri, near my place, Bandar Tun Razak. this place is quite nice as the interior and lighting design is so kewl, harge pon baek, hey u go urself laa lihat sendiri! hehe =p here's a picca if u want to see.

til then guys,chabottt~

Friday, May 2, 2008

happy 7th anniversary Fighters 0105!

sayalah permata anak kesayangan
kebanggaan ayah dan ibu
saya dibesarkan dengan kasih sayang
hanya yang terbaik untukku
menjadi harapan di masa hadapan
sayalah anak yang cemerlang.

7 years bond of friendship and it never your pride guys.0105.

makan bola.tido bola.tengok bola!

for semis we we watched all of 'em the whole match! went to Al Naz Maju restaurant at P9 early's super freaking cold tym mlm2 cenggini.but worth every moving adrenalines watching the game.

man u vs barca (1-0)
chelsea - liverpool (3-2)AET

only apai,awien and me went there for some footbal actions for chelsea-liverpool match as ese and nipp0n can't make it.n no pic for some stupid reasons.sorry.

alamanda's let down.

it's wednesday.we went there for Ironman but silently dissapointed as tickets were sold out within hours.apai met me and awien later aft our 'Street Kings' movie (instead of Ironman).ahh here guys,some pics at Starbucks, GSC's lobby and at F.O.S's entrance.

frustrated lads.

caramel sucking chim.

yg laen sume xlayan my shot nih.

waiting for apai.

barca's down 1-0!

a Scholes' screamer from out of the box sends barcelona in tears and they'll return to Nou Camp heavy heartedly.It's official now man utd are into the FINALs in moscow against chelsea for retaining UEFA Champion League's 3rd trophy for their trophy cabinet collection.