Friday, May 30, 2008

when lightning strikes.

1st of all i would like to express my thanks to a heavy downpour last 3days ago,which a lightning strike had happened and causing a short circuit to my trustworthy xps motherboard n at my horror,it also caused my ADSL modem to receive overvoltage at d same time.po0r lad.but now everything's back to normal except i'm waiting for my xps' WLAN card to be received by next wednesday.

but now let's 4get about dat.from what i learn,alhamdulillah that's a reminder to me,never leave my lappie w/o no one realize it's switched ON.especially when it's going to rain in the evening,cause u nvr know.kann3? hahah.

finally my XPS is OK! ho0rayy~

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