Friday, May 16, 2008

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nift a.k.a tevez


Currently – berkumur-kumur~
current time: 1101hours~
Playing – Jason Mraz – wordplay~
Pending – napping~

What's new? – my precious 1-month holiday~

Real name – Ahmad Nazirul Amir Bin Yahya~

Nickname – amatt, emmett,emmedd, amir, irul(atok aku panggel), kepeng n so on n on n on~

Married – surely not~

Male/Female – c’mon laa,male~

High school – SSAS putrajaya~

College – KDU, UCSI n currently taking a pause for a while in MMU~

Are you a health freak? – big NO~

Do you have a crush on someone? – do I have to answer this?

Do you like yourself? – so-so~


Surgery – circumcision~ (ya e2 sunat spt kate2 nift)
Person you see in the morning – sgt mamai, can’t recall okayy~
Award – so long time a go, can’t recall~
Sports you join in – rock climbing n anythg that related to fo0tball~
Vacation – can’t recall,get over it!
Concert – Rock The World 6,7? Oh can’t recall,again~
Drink – white liquid from mama cow,susu laa bijak~

I'm about to – inhale some O-two~
Your future- definitely not sumthg wic can ruin my life~
Want kids – oh yes~
Want to get married – totally a YES~
Careers in mind – ahh can’t tell y’all, no joke ok~

Which is better?

Lips or Eyes - *eyes*
Hugs or Kisses – *due-due p0n suke*
Shorter or Taller - *shorter*
Romantic or Spontaneous – *romantic*
Sensitive or Loud – *sensitive*
Troublemaker or Hesitant? – *troublemaker*

Have you ever,

Kissed a stranger – heLL NO~
Drank bubbles – ape plak nihh~
Carbonated drinks- mestilah penah u maggot~
Ran away from home – ah once,when I was 6,7~
Liked someone younger – oh yes~
Broke someone's heart – I dun do this okayy~
Been arrested – ah yes,a long story I wud say~
Cried when someone died – mestilah,soklan ape laa nih~

Do you believe in,

Yourself – oh YES~
Angels – yes~

Is there someone you want to be with right now? – sincerely YES~

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Anonymous said...

"currently taking a pause for a while in MMU~"....gue x phm..explain

Capik! said...

weh, chiisan tu aku ke?

ahmad nazirul amir said...

oh tade pa perr,haha~ abaikann2.