Saturday, May 31, 2008

hectic days in a row.frantic.

21st May - dream match.Man U won.
22nd May - went out with a fren.watched What Happen In Vegas.agk menarek til i 4got to sleep while inside d movie hall.duhh.oh sgt sleepy,can't help it.alm0st jatoh tym tdo bdiri,hoi jgn glakk,hahaha =c
23rd May -had to fetch topeckt at 6am at Hentian Putra.oh jln putra mmg less volume at such a time.indah.l8r dat evening,went to SSAS putrajaya to accompany shaffiq,he claimed his SPM cert that day.g bangi,changed my sco0t's tyre.pecah plak tym tuh.cett.went to cyber rite aft dat 4 a while b4 went str8 back home.tiring.really.
24th May - melancong ke MidValley n Gardens.watched Indiana Jones wit aiman apai n t0peckt.shud invite somemore frens.ah xsempat.sorry haa =c
25th May - sleepover wit aiman day.
26th May - bersuke rie d 1Utama,left my sco0ter keys sempoi,nothg happened.lesson learned well.hey no joke.watched Narnia.oh lame typical lil kids movie.tak menggerakkan minda most of d time.laugh a whole lot inside d movie hall.haha.
27th May - went to bb plaza n plaza low yat instead of the enormously famous Pavillion.i accompanied topeckt to his return-to-home bus.farewell dude.

nek escal8r beramai2

naek lagii

waterco0ler hampeh.

nampak aku menyelit? haha.

shot bsame kung fu panda,unluckily,awien takdak.hahaha.

topek menn utk 1st time lam idop die.haha.

i won dis 1-0 doubt.

cam-whoring dpn cermin toilet GSC 1U =p

menjadi katak lam po0l d uma kicap d suatu petang

haaa! as u can see,oh sgt3 bz kann? wut else u can call ehh,busy-ness NOT business okeh~

3 kumens!:

.:the inexplicable thoughts n emotions of amira:. said...

hebat!! dats d only word registered! u had a fantastic week n i m very envy of dat :(
oh btw~ what's up with the duk cm katak dlm pool? hahahhaha
man, super funny! :D

Capik! said...

hee.. jealous gile seh....

ahmad nazirul amir said...

adeihh,ape jeles2,sunggoh buhsann ngn kl l8ly,siyes nih,i want a nice getaway,hahah~