Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a weird evening thought.

That evening was a breeze one, as I jog around the park, fast I realize there’s quite a life out there, not very much alike some of us, I used to think R5004 is the perfect place to wind down myself as well as my roommates. smirking smile. recalling back my primary school years, hey, I always do this, jogging around the lake at my place as any other morning Sundays. not a lazy Sunday at all I would say, basically no, okay I admit my dad keep forcing me to go with him, compared with my little brother, a typical jogging session in the morning is like an event of the year to him. only the interesting part to me is to have an early breakfast in the morning before a nap, yes, the next healthy activity, at least to me.

Somewhere that evening, with sweats still coming out, I just try to forget about it by telling myself how much I need some few gulps of cold and glucose-ful drinks after a tiring run. Finally, we reached a busy area, everyone seems occupied at most of the time,I called this place a ‘pasar malam’, but not by them I supposed to say, here, they use a different term, it’s ‘Pasar Tani’ instead of what we used to call it those days. But still, in similar, here and there there’s always a loud sound, came out from some stalls, like a loop of an echo, attracting people who walks nearby their premises. I tried not to be astonished for what I saw here, it’s a weird now, it’s just me or like, any other normal teenagers, in their early 20’s, rarely thought of going to ‘pasar malam’ as a good place to go. Truthfully the thought of going to any pasar like this only came across my mind frequently during the season of ramadhan. Almost pathetic,I can say. But well, it’s a good think to know, in a sigh of a relief, it is not too late to realise it’s not that hard to find a good eating place.kann?

As my not-so-sweet air jagung flushed away those thoughts far inside, perhaps I think I can fill up my evening better in the future from now on, better than a soundless nap every evening (almost), better than keeping myself occupied with PES 2008 like any other normal days, better than myspace-ing most of the evening. From a simple walk in a pasar malam, here I walk out from there smiling gleefully with my minds moving, with thoughts varying one another.

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