Sunday, May 18, 2008

Muslim Footballers Starting 11

Hadari. (Al-Ahly/Egypt) - 2 times best goal keeper of Africa

Lilian Thuram (Barcelona/France)
Kolo Habib Toure (Arsenal/Ivory coast) - “bring prayer mat to training ground..” reporter.
Bakary Sagna (Arsenal)
Eric Albidal (Bacelona/France) - “He has been photographed many times carrying a copy of the Noble Qur’an at his training kits.” reporter.

Yaya Toure (Barcelona/Ivory coast) - “After moving from France’s Monaco for 10 million euros, talented midfielder Toure made it clear that practicing Islam, including fasting, does not affect his successful soccer career. He was named by Eurosport in 2005 as one of the most promising young players in the world."
Frank Bilal Ribery (Bayern Munich/France ) - “Fasting and get the best bundesliga player of the month..” Ribery said..“Seeing Ribery while raising his hands and supplicating to God as any typical Muslims do makes me feel proud,” Ribery said..“Islam is my source of strength either in or outside the playground,” he said. “I lead a difficult career and I was determined to find peace of mind, and I finally found Islam.” Ribery said.
Zinadine Yazid Zidane (Real Madrid/France) - 3 times best player of the world..
Mohamad Abou Terika (Al-Ahly/Egypt) -”sympathize with gaza..”

Frank Kanoute (Seville/Mali) -“Save a mosque in sevilla” Kanoute, a practicing Muslim who regularly performs his prayers even in the locker room, refused last season to wear a jersey advertising for an internet gambling site, because gambling is forbidden in Islam.Those who know Islam understand that fasting empowers and does not weaken the Muslim, ” said kanoute.
Nicolas Anelka aka Abd Salam Bilal (Chelsea/France)-“Allah menyukai Mukmin yang kuat daripada mukmin yang lemah” hadis…

courtesy of ejul for posting such an interesting collection of facts.

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Lilian Thuram is a Roman Catholic, do your research!

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i did my research,now u don't give me dat ur own research lazybone.

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