Monday, April 28, 2008

met 'em.

dat day,on friday,awien planned a meeting with abol and am as they were here,in KL for some sport activities,the opportunity grabbed by him ,kicap n apai as they arrange a dinner later dat nite.juju arrived a bit late,at around's sum pic.

apai posing bayek punyaa.haha.oh well then we ride back home 11+ dat nite.sowie guys no juju's pic sbb tlupe amek =p

Sunday, April 27, 2008

candid yg Muuahahaha! (fighters0105)

(click image for larger view)

usha picca Fighters 0105 d atas.

i-t0pek(1st row) saye rasakan die amat pendek,almost afiq ruslan's height.haha.die tgh bau napas die.hahaha.
ii- ese(2nd row,most left) seperti biase ngn muke pleyk.hahaha.
iii- omar(bakang ese) muke cam nk gadoh.hahaha.
iv- ya(bakang omar) muke cam nk nangeh.haha.
v- amsyar(1st row,most right) cam nk nangeh gak.tataw ah pesal.hahaha.
vi- ketike ini scuby maseyh kuros dan bertenaga.hahaha.(1st row,near t0pek)
vii- cube teke,most center person in this pic? awe~ search 4 him.


Marion Caunter for 'Current Addiction Section' on my sidebar.

currently she's the host for Channel [V] Popparazzi.previously she's from 8tv Quickie.ain't she so hot? i bet u wud say yes.haha~

bangun pagi itu indah.

gle ah hari sabtu hari tuh aku bgn pagi n stay awake all the way doh.agak membanggekan ah 4me =) i had my lil breakfast,made it sendiri lak tuh.nk nanges ah ble tingat balek.ngahaha.then at 1215+ aku chow plak fetch adek aku kt skolah.plenty of changes since last time i stepped out from's the pic.

leh plak de bangunan baru in between Block A n Block Canteen.

i- milo ice n pepsi utk bfast,adekah sehat? =p
ii- telor half-boiled.kuneng die xpeca lg,aku men tegok jerr.

menelan s0up mushro0m dgn roti kismis hi5.
p/s: awien banned soup nih on d 1st day he tried it.

aku juga menelan strawberry yg agak cumil.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

United's £40m spending spree.

united all the way through their tradition training youth players to be the key in the future.fergie discovered some few talents with help of quieroz,eyes on Miguel Veloso and Joao Moutinho from Sporting Lisbon and Wigan's duo,Wilson Palacios and Luis Antonio Valencia,they has been added into their wishlist at the end of this season.further news at

Joao Moutinho

Miguel Veloso.

Antonio Valencia

Wilson Palacios(agk kurg kehensemannye)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

putsal nite.pancettt nite.

salunye maen putsal kt century dat nite maen kt sebla Old Town white Coffee ah besa gak turf dorg.pancittt wo00 =p i think i l0st my fitness byk laa.siyesli. but at least i scored a s0lo effort goal ah menarek.hahaha.not much to story here.sbb i think i learned some new passes n tackle2 tbayekk from 'em.salute ah paiz besa,li0nel,Chim,matt0 and pak aji.n awien as goalie as picca laa dat nite.pancett sgt,can't remember to snap some piccas.til thenNN..

crushed their dreams 2-1.

nothing to talk much here though.a penalty(almost double) from ronaldo gave the boys some spirit dat nite,and a right-f0oted free kick from hargreaves shows his own class.
hope i can put some pictures for u guys mls ah.check*hehehe*

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Marie Digby.

chicks into guitars really c0ol lahhh.

a surprise visit.

that friday,supp0sed to wake up early and went to our class,tapii,bgn lambat lg,haihh,,=p mlm2 td0 lambat,aduh ape nk jadii.And then,after friday prayers,ar0und 5pm,apai came to 0ur r0om surprisingly,w/o telling us earlier.such a long dick betol lahh die nih.he said he'll overnight there with us as he want t0 download some stuffs from the CyberTracker.

b0th of us just agree as it has nothing interfering any of our plan as we don't have one.hahaha.xlawak langsong laa sengal.haihh.

i went 0ut for a while for some reas0ns and reached mmu back b4 night fall.3 of us alm0st had fun went we played PES all the way through the night and some card games only to av0id the feeling of boredom.hadohh.went t0 Hassan's Bistro for quite lil supper at 130am i think.

b4 dat,while awien riding my sco0ter on the way t0 hassan,ade p0lice plakkk dahhh,made a small r0adbl0ck just few metres from MMU main entrance,awien panickily hurriedly made up his mind t0 aband0n our plan and me 0n my sco0ter as he don't have any valid license for riding that bike.

dgn selambe dog nye die chow jln kaki balek MMU balek.hahaha.klaka ah plak.mak aii.then me,with apai on the other bike pass from the r0adbl0ck and spontaneously go around the big hill of MMU bl0cks and entering MMU's c0mpound using the other gate which is situated near Taman Tasik Cyberjaya(ja0h gak bongok).

we kutep awien and pass through using the 2nd MMU gate and strike thr0ugh t0 Hassan without fear accelerated from the inner.We arrived there and amazed when ab0ut 12 SuperBikes park in a r0w showing 0ff their unity of their gr0up.

few minutes after that,an0ther gr0up of ab0ut 12 Skylines arrived shortly over there.hampes.sh0w off gle bunyik enjin betab02 kt tepi hassan tuh.haihh =p

awien with his speedy skills with me behind his back.

apai staring skylines w/o blinking.

murmuring while waiting for his f0od.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

t0ilet FIT.

b4 they went to exam hall.tekanan perlu dilepaskan.yes,smoke some.lek lu sap kok dlu.haha.

maen tud0ng botol?

lame xmaen bende nih.chim sgt hebat.awien p0n.matt0 aku takk.bape ta0n tah lame xmaen.haihh =p that was so0o0o long tym ago =p nih pic tym aku scramble tudong botol tuh jd cenggini.agk style rr.hahaha =p sile layannnkan.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


chim played PES 2008 using my DeLL.i was totally shocked as he awesomely did a really well-done-job.die maen sampai 31-0 doh.he played as man U.bag0s2~ here's the pr0of.haha.

mak aiih banyaknye.maen gne beginner.same laa cam aku.haha =p

putrajaya ride.

it's been a while since last time i'm here.i dunn0 wut this bridge called laa.but surely i noe it's the the 1 yg nearest dgn PICC,yes.went there by my sco0ter.rode it alone while shat n faris carefully bwk faris's LC through the damn cold nite for sure.freaking slow lahh dorg bwk dat metal thing.i think it's for their safety as faris take over that bike from his elder bro yg cuti from Uniten.hey,i got sum picca of putrajaya(part of it je laa) from the bridge we went.

i amek pic scenic view humans.haihh =p

Monday, April 7, 2008

happpy 2nd anniversary sayang!

6th april 2008 <3
t0day's our 2nd anniversary laa sayang.
got some wishes to say here.
but? takkan nk letak cnie kot.haihh.c'mon laa.

sayang! LOVE u =)

who knows bout this hehh?

yday,shat gave us this,hey i wonder can eat or not haa =p haihh,there's no Halal logo spotted there laa.selambe je ahh aku mkn.4give me god ='p

Saturday, April 5, 2008

kekalahan yg agak baik? alm0st.

aku menelentang.
fikiran melayang.
agak arr.
aku capai.
fon sel awien di sebelahnye.
aku tekan2.
ah maen game sebentar.
volleyball dipilih.

almost ah menang.saite!
opp0nent paleng susa kot dak nih.berambos kaw.

camne ah leh kalah.aduss.

Friday, April 4, 2008


i decided to go to R0swell's mart,alaaa,yg dkat Hassan's Bistro tuh.then all in a sudden,awien acted strange by asking me to wait for him.he said he want to try to ride that sco0ter.i was so amused.yelaaa,since when he got guts hehh? hell i just keep that in i predicted,he ride me well laa since die pnah bwk a Kriss wit 1 of my fren during our scho0l years 3years b4.small applause guys.all's going well dat nite.ahh sorry ahh,i dont have any photo to prove this story is true.haha.nnt laa i'll try to snap a photo while awien riding my sco0ter later on.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WE Came,Saw and Conquered.

christiano ronaldo with his own celebration after the 1st goal.

a header from ronaldo at the first half of the game worrying roma's defenders.great2 chip by scholes.such a brilliant assist dat nite.and a goal fr0m ro0ney assures us a win at italian ground dat glory nite.van der sar really showed us his true ability and ferdinand as well.couple of solid defending as he intercept well couple of times.great match United,great match.

R0ma,we'll win again on our home ground for sure.thanks for the entertaining match.

hepi besday Yasri

went to starbucks PGRM for a small cheers to celebr8 my pal,Yasri's birthday on 31/3.dude,u're 33 now ahh old-taimer.nahhh ade pic to mark ur birth anniversary.sorry ah ur pic yg lame ade laa.hehe =p i went back to cyber late dat nite after yum cha with them,nik (dammit,she's going t0 leave f0r Starbux Cheras selatan so0n ='c) maria,lutfi,wan,syahir and noryl.

this is yasri.

maria diana n me melepak.thx maria for the pic.

me n lutpi semase penat.

maria mkn ayam cam mkn nasik lemak.