Wednesday, April 2, 2008

hepi besday Yasri

went to starbucks PGRM for a small cheers to celebr8 my pal,Yasri's birthday on 31/3.dude,u're 33 now ahh old-taimer.nahhh ade pic to mark ur birth anniversary.sorry ah ur pic yg lame ade laa.hehe =p i went back to cyber late dat nite after yum cha with them,nik (dammit,she's going t0 leave f0r Starbux Cheras selatan so0n ='c) maria,lutfi,wan,syahir and noryl.

this is yasri.

maria diana n me melepak.thx maria for the pic.

me n lutpi semase penat.

maria mkn ayam cam mkn nasik lemak.

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