Sunday, April 13, 2008

a surprise visit.

that friday,supp0sed to wake up early and went to our class,tapii,bgn lambat lg,haihh,,=p mlm2 td0 lambat,aduh ape nk jadii.And then,after friday prayers,ar0und 5pm,apai came to 0ur r0om surprisingly,w/o telling us earlier.such a long dick betol lahh die nih.he said he'll overnight there with us as he want t0 download some stuffs from the CyberTracker.

b0th of us just agree as it has nothing interfering any of our plan as we don't have one.hahaha.xlawak langsong laa sengal.haihh.

i went 0ut for a while for some reas0ns and reached mmu back b4 night fall.3 of us alm0st had fun went we played PES all the way through the night and some card games only to av0id the feeling of boredom.hadohh.went t0 Hassan's Bistro for quite lil supper at 130am i think.

b4 dat,while awien riding my sco0ter on the way t0 hassan,ade p0lice plakkk dahhh,made a small r0adbl0ck just few metres from MMU main entrance,awien panickily hurriedly made up his mind t0 aband0n our plan and me 0n my sco0ter as he don't have any valid license for riding that bike.

dgn selambe dog nye die chow jln kaki balek MMU balek.hahaha.klaka ah plak.mak aii.then me,with apai on the other bike pass from the r0adbl0ck and spontaneously go around the big hill of MMU bl0cks and entering MMU's c0mpound using the other gate which is situated near Taman Tasik Cyberjaya(ja0h gak bongok).

we kutep awien and pass through using the 2nd MMU gate and strike thr0ugh t0 Hassan without fear accelerated from the inner.We arrived there and amazed when ab0ut 12 SuperBikes park in a r0w showing 0ff their unity of their gr0up.

few minutes after that,an0ther gr0up of ab0ut 12 Skylines arrived shortly over there.hampes.sh0w off gle bunyik enjin betab02 kt tepi hassan tuh.haihh =p

awien with his speedy skills with me behind his back.

apai staring skylines w/o blinking.

murmuring while waiting for his f0od.

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