Monday, August 25, 2008

13-men putsal

venue : Subang Grand
organiser : a'a (kuang aja tpu pkol 5pm)

a'a,kam,haziq ghazali,fido,nick,t0pan,noba,emp,awien,jimeque,amar and me attended the 2 hours game.but tragically awien mislanded his body and as a result,he tore his right knee ligament (sounds painful aite?).but well everythg's seems better now aft some quick checkup.btw thanks a'a for organising the last putsal game b4 he went for UK,farewell fren,u'll sure make it thr dude :) and thanks anep for picking up awien n me from cyber for that game,arigato :) (no pics as author 4got to snap some,haha)

p/s : t0pan,u 0we me 8bux for that putsal dude.hehehh.(kete ko mmg sematt) =D

unupdated (if such word exists)

to all my frequent blog visitors,hereby i apologise for not updating my blog for more than 1month,as u already know(i hope) my XPS have been missing since last 15th july.and for the third time in 2years, it's a countdown again for a new laptop to arrive :) 6days from now n i'm back..keep visiting for the latest updates from me,thankies~

in loving memory

and the successor

Monday, August 4, 2008

in memory.

9.50 am,14th of july- that was the last day i saw it.

before i went to class,i saw it just the way i put it there, downsided, flat on the table, before 6 of us went to class 12, to my horror, it went missing, but i just acted like nothg happened until i finally realized it was all gone by now.but well, i'm sure things happened with many reasons.i do realize when something is gone,that's the moment u miss it mostly.kann2?

XPS M1530
.december 2007-july 2008.