Monday, August 25, 2008

unupdated (if such word exists)

to all my frequent blog visitors,hereby i apologise for not updating my blog for more than 1month,as u already know(i hope) my XPS have been missing since last 15th july.and for the third time in 2years, it's a countdown again for a new laptop to arrive :) 6days from now n i'm back..keep visiting for the latest updates from me,thankies~

in loving memory

and the successor

3 kumens!:

.:the inexplicable thoughts n emotions of amira:. said...

eyy u'r gonna buy that HP ekk :)
semaaaattt ahh~ haha :p
d specs okayy la ek.pasniee ur blog gonna be updated laa 24/7 kann :)

haha :)

ahmad nazirul amir said...

still unsure bout this =?

bakri hafiz hisham said...

bapakk ah.gile kaye!