Monday, August 25, 2008

13-men putsal

venue : Subang Grand
organiser : a'a (kuang aja tpu pkol 5pm)

a'a,kam,haziq ghazali,fido,nick,t0pan,noba,emp,awien,jimeque,amar and me attended the 2 hours game.but tragically awien mislanded his body and as a result,he tore his right knee ligament (sounds painful aite?).but well everythg's seems better now aft some quick checkup.btw thanks a'a for organising the last putsal game b4 he went for UK,farewell fren,u'll sure make it thr dude :) and thanks anep for picking up awien n me from cyber for that game,arigato :) (no pics as author 4got to snap some,haha)

p/s : t0pan,u 0we me 8bux for that putsal dude.hehehh.(kete ko mmg sematt) =D

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