Sunday, March 23, 2008

afifi f l y

14/2/08,ahh we all went to escort him dat nite, yeah,rite,it's like our little2 reunion and time to share some latest bout our friends whereabout,regardless sharing it repeatedly among us.

btw i cant recall where he's going to.not so sure it's NZ.hell no big deal where he'll go.
he's not dat close to us.yeah he shud know.

ese awien nippon kicap pnan scuby kamil and hapai too attracted to kamil's tips,damn i don't remember he spoke bout wut.

we waited for bout 40mins and hell where they went to? scuby n awien,they messed up themselves.

apai waited in our ro0m b4 our little trip to dis the rite pic ekk awien? fcuk.i'm not so sure.

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