Friday, October 10, 2008

a funeral 4 a fren n a high speed chase.

i supposed 2 upd8 dis on 11/9/08. well,2 bz 2 do dat,4give me =p

here's a picca of us,a total of 7cars with black as the main tshirt colour after attending a funeral for a friend,lionel,his dad passed away dat afternoon.

to my horror, i'm in the hot pursuit car as ezad hit it up to 170km/j keeping on pace with paizbesa n din on d way back to cyberjaya,great2 thanks to them,racing n testing their wheels on the peaceful highway during the wee hours. i'm dead sure awien cant stop swearing n praying hard everythg's alrite as he was seating next to the driver, paiz besa. no 1 can put on hold of pressuring aji eventhough he's driving mas' myvi. i can't stop laughing at dat moment,haha =p

oh ha'ah,b4 ktorg sampai umah lionel,thr's a jpj roadblock,ezad keep his car's engine running low as his muffler will blow the undercover =p and few metres at d back,paizbesa's gen2 got hit at the rear,the bumper part,n all d cars in front rushed to paizbesa's car to find out wut had happened,n the chinese family yg hit kete paizbesa quickly flee from the scene rite after paying sum amount to him. yelaaa,sume dak2 baju itam gather around dorg cam nk gado plakk,haha,pity the chinese family,kann2? *sigh*

p/s: i wonder t0pan's vw can really reached number 160 on his speedometer,hehe =p no offence though.

3 kumens!:

Capik! said...

giler mintak maut :p

ahmad nazirul amir said...

hahaha,agak laa =B

Ahmad Aizuddin Sudari said...

aku yg bawak kete ni jenuh mengucap je harap2 jgn naik saman dow..haha! bawak macam nak testing Sukhoi!haha..