Monday, October 20, 2008

all in a sudden

11/10 - 4 of us,danny,matt,awien n me stayed awake til morning,it's 6am roughly and we decided to grab our breakfast at hassan bistro dat morning.we like usual, aft we had done stuffing all the foods a simple chit chat will take the longest time.from stuffs from our school years to gossiping girls will always be the hot topic for our post-breakfast chat.and all in a sudden we heard an ambulance came nearby and picked up an unconscious guy. i managed to shot a pic b4 all settled happened in such a hurry.from a passerby whom attended the scene(in front of hassan's bistro),he said an arab guy had collapsed near semak thr and most probably because of an overdose of drugs.but funnily,the victim's friends kept telling the cops who attended the unconscious lad his fren collapsed of an accident.i sniffed something suspicious come laa an accident but no blo0d and no wound seen thr.stupid bunch of frens.haihh.nak tipuu pon x bragak rr,haduhh =p

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