Friday, October 10, 2008

Buka Puasa at D-26-B means NO enough chairs to cater,haha =p

17/9/08 - we,the D-26-B guys organised a buka puasa event n i arrived thr a bit l8,sowie guys,thx 4 d 4 ciken parts u all save it 4 me :) n i just managed to take a shot, nasik ni jerr,nasik aku,haha =p n thanks a lot to din utk periok n nasik masakan anda n my hsem8s 4 the grilling thingy n all our friends,from the malays,chinese n indians for coming. that's d spirit of malaysian,selamathariraya =)

p/s: nxt sem ade kott kusi ke sofa ke,doa2 kann,hahaa.
p/s: we'll do this annually taw,expect 4 more in d future :)

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