Friday, May 29, 2009

Night of Despair ;(

it’s May 27th and sad to accept,we lost to Barcelona 2-nil and there goes another dream shattered.Literally i have to admit they were the better side that night as Sir Alex tactic’s was merely questionable as well as the starting eleven on the pitch.It’s sad to see our supporters in total despair when that night went wrong and everything we counted on since we won 3-1 at Emirates were not perfectly being done.

PFA Player of The Year doesn’t play like that Giggsy,no pretty pass and rare creativity we’d expect from you Anderson,and Carrick,we didn’t see your true character out there in the field,Park, i know you’re the first Asian to make the hell out of an important appearance for the Finale,Ronaldo, you had about 5 chances on goal but youu failed to score the opener that maybe gave us the win but surely given them an edge over Barca. You cannot keep blaming others because you fail as a team and win as a team. You had the chance to be a hero but instead you showed the world you don't have discipline when you turned violent. Giggs, Rio, and Rooney should blame you in their breathe. Wayne Rooney sacrificed his presence just so you can prevail, what a disappointment you are.You can go to Madrid if you want but we’ll not gonna miss you.That night,Where’s your passion lads? We are not there to watch such a match.Wasted energy and talents on the 2nd Champs League Final in a row? I know it’s a tough competition to win two times in a row but show some real efforts out there at least.

After all,there were certainly no sour grapes and, for what little consolation it is, we emerged with dignity for accepting the best team won on the night.

For now,Giggs and co will strive to reclaim the trophy next term, when the final's in Madrid.

"That’s what we’ll be aiming for," said Ryan. "Big teams have disappointments but they bounce back. That’s what we’ll be trying to do.”

"The simple reason we lost was possession," Sir Alex explained. "You have to wait minutes to get it back off Barcelona but when we did get it, we didn't do anything with it.”
"That was the disappointment, our use of the ball when we had it.
"We recognised beforehand their strength was their central midfielders. It wasn't really Messi who was the problem. It was Iniesta and Xavi. They can keep the ball all night long.

"We just didn’t play well as a collective team and we didn’t play well as individuals," says Ferdinand. "If you don’t do that at times like this then you don’t deserve to win.

“We were all aware we’d had a good season up to now and the last day of it would determine how our summer goes," Ferdinand explained. "It’s a bit of a low point to finish it on but we’ve got strong characters in the squad and I’m sure we’ll be back next season."

P/s: Truthfully,I missed the likes of Ole,Stam,Cantona,Beckham and Yorke to perform that night.It’ll be a tight match.Out of this world!

Glory Glory Manchester United.

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