Wednesday, June 17, 2009

few boxes to tick!

my hols are here again :p
tp malas wat part-time (-_-')zZ
but we'll do sumthg else ookayy.
and here's tha thang,i mean,the to do list..

i - few futsal(s) event to co-organise

ii - sum family weddings to be attended *wow*

iii - to complete my motorcycle's P

iv - time to change my ride,haha :p (diba,mintak permisi *lol*)

v - must go dis sat! (aft d wedding earlier that day of cos :p)

p/s : i've edi put a playlist down thr,take a peek and have fun listening :)
oo-la-laaaaa,sgt sleeeeeeeepyyyy,kayy til then people!

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