Tuesday, July 7, 2009

cr9 is a disgrace to united

We bought him out of nowhere for £12.24m and made him a superstar here at United.And we know every player in the world want to play at Bernabeu at least once in their career including him.6 seasons(1 season more than Cantona) is lengthy enough to keep him at Old Trafford and what Schuster said is almost going to be true at that moment.

"Ronaldo will play for Real Madrid at some stage in his career",says Schuster.

But what i see in the news today is absurd.With 75k fans attending Real's most expensive signing(or the world most),Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro a.k.a CR9(his new nick) is kissing Real's club emblem on his jersey.wtf! It is just your first day in madrid's jersey! what about millions of United's fan out there watching you! i can't believe it when you don't have the sense of respect to others.CR9,you are a disgrace to us.boo ya.

kiss that pathetic emblem u twat :p

p/s : adding salt to his wound,he wears 'Ronaldo 9' at his back(instead of C.Ronaldo 9).create ur own history ronaldo,dun be a copycat! (u already know,once u leave united,u go downhill,is that what u want?)