Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bump into.

for the last few weeks,i happened to bump into a lot of R35 several times(as i always have to endure a long walk to campus)until i decided to post it up here.hehe.
i'm not into asses but R35's definitely an exception.
haha.aite let's take a look.

and my fav color for this mean machine..matte black.

but hey,this is nothing new,but down there is my all-time fav car :p

 just want to point out i'm a MINI fan ookay.haha.
MINI Cooper S JCW Convertible,woot woot :)
thanks fer reading.

2 kumens!:

Anonymous said...

ako nk kete bumble bee cam dlm transformers.. mnx jek kt die:
ari isnin tukar jdk mustag
ari selasa jdk porche
ari rabu jdk nissan skylady
n so on.. lol.

ahmad nazirul amir said...

ahaha,in ur dreams arr chenkt.kt msia nih mtk myvi ke persona ke neo leh ar kot dipertimbangkan.hahaa.