Wednesday, June 4, 2008

kelantan getaway.

my dad had to return to his hometown,kelantan as my cousin's wedding were expected to be held at besut,terengganu.well,he bring us back to his place,the place he were raised,where tall building rarely can be seen,where drains hardly can be found,where lamp posts were not along the roads there except the highways.

And although terengganu currently hosting a national sports event,i didn't manage to get to go there,apatah lagii menonton acara2 sukan yg dipertandingkan =p haha.

my family spent a night at Renaissance as we arrived late,roughly at around 12am as we decided not to spend dat nite at my gran' pics,not much,as u can c down there.


renaissance.cantek,compared to 0ther hotels around there.

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