Wednesday, June 11, 2008

previous week updates.

aft i return back to kl from kelantan, there were some few things i did. here's d list.

i - met wan(he's a sbux partner) at klcc, marep n haqq outside times square, marep bought a 2nd hand Multi Effect Pedal d next day.
ii - summer getaway at sunway, went to Roxy Summer Splash 2008 with a friend. met haqq again as well. 4 all who invited me, sorry for not joining u guys to sunway n the curve's gig dat day.
iii - wrote a letter to Starbucks PGRM SM - for not attending few working periods =p
iv - continue working as a part timer barista.
v - joined some frens for a movie - Kung Fu Panda - full of laughter. a must-watch movie.
vi - boredoms struck for numerous time in a day. might because of awien's internet connection has been down for past 2wks(?). so no long term humorous chat.
vii - to avoid the fact of not doing anything most of the time - i watched some movies.RV and The Benchwarmers kt astro. Before Sunset, Epic Movie, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Minds, Jumper and Vanilla Sky. i downloaded all of 'em. hey this isn't what some of u called it the term 'No Outdoor Life'. i usually don't have some free times being alone.

and pictures coming up later.

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Anonymous said...

usha 1 lagi movie best...the history of violence,.