Sunday, November 23, 2008

freedom night at their will.

it's almost two in the wee hours and i after a nice nap,it's a thumbs up for me to take a ride on my scooter, such a joy, the gushing breezy cold wind through the nite. plus, i want to buy a can of coffee, an extra booster to get through the night. But things usually doesn't turned as it is planned to be one, as i managed to get through the 2nd traffic light near the Dengkil intersection (near Sekolah Seri Puteri), a white Waja getting nearer and nearer (as i'm moving not more than 40km/j)and there it goes,i have to stop by the roadside and two policemen complete in their uniforms approached me. Although i already know what's behind me at the previous redlight seconds before that, i don't give a shit about them assuming i don't do anything wrong. After few questions and reasons, i finally been told that my L motorcycle license's due date has passed almost two months without me noticing it. It is such a big letdown as i am very confident of myself with complete no wrongdoing that night and i turned up to be a lawbreaker.For instance, i should be moving in the speed of light right after noticing the police car that nite. don't you think so? kan? what a night,what a night. eventually, they freed me without the RM300 ticket for being such a dick(i could ended up in their lock-up weh!). fiuhhhhh... hey,to get caught without a valid license and a priceless freedom at last? i sense a celebration!! yup,a celebration babey.i'll keep you posted.and in the meantime,spam my comment box aite readers? til then =)

kerete polis itu.

p/s : later that night, my housemate, awien also get caught for the same reason and freed in seconds.what's that?
p/s : with the feeling of laziness to make a new L license thickening, i maybe consider driving a car to classes next time ='p

4 kumens!:

awen said...

ye r tuh

Ahmad Aizuddin Sudari said...


duchess11 is DiBaH said...

ko mmg kambing...
kan aku da ckap..
aku muke baek..
sbb tuh aku xpnah kne tahan..

take care of skuter dan diri mu jua..huhuuu~

Lily said...

cmne la blh x prasan plak lesen L tu da meninggal,,haha~