Thursday, November 27, 2008

a wedding out of town.part 1

22/11/08 - i went for my nephew's wedding at Manong,Kuala Kangsar last weekend. it was a simple one,really. but what i want to express here is my concern for Kuala Kangsar town. i realize there's only 2 so-called hotels there. hey what does that mean to you? yes, i ashamed to call myself a malaysian for that little reason. c'mon,what do you expect, a town without enough hotel to cater out-of-town visitors is almost similar like a deserted island. i do know there's one new hotel going to be built but hell, 3 is not even close to enough. In the future,what i hope is more hotels and resorts to be built there. yelaaa, better a malaysian to point that out than a foreign visitor to humiliate our place,kannn kann.

My big family during the photoshoot.
Khairil Aswan B. Ariffin
Wish u live happily ever after =D

3 kumens!:

Farith Rezza said...

Mmg not enough pun hotel kt KK..luckily my kampung dekat je..kat Manong, bkn manor rasanye..

ahmad nazirul amir said...

ha'ah,sorry,manong2, mistake =p

duchess11 is DiBaH said...

haah la wei..
zai pon kate manong..

nasib bek ko da btolkan..